Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Max's POV

For once, I wasn't nervous. I was hoping that I wouldn't get nervous either. After having to reschedule our date twice due to our schedules we both finally had a day where neither of us had to work. It was a two minutes drive to her place, but for some reason I kept driving around blocks taking an extra thirteen minutes to get to her apartment. I parked in front of her building and made my way up to her door. I knocked on her door gently and when she answered I was taken back a little bit. She looked like a beautiful pin up girl. Her hair was in waves pinned to the side of her head, beautiful pouty red lips, black pinstriped tight pants and a sheer white button up shirt that was covered up with a red blazer. She was killing me with these sheer blouses. I looked down at her feet and noticed bright red heels that brought her up to be the same height as me. "So where are you taking me?" she asked as we walked down the stairs. "A museum." "Which one?" "The one down there," I pointed down the street than flashed her a smile. I opened the car door for her and caught a whiff of strawberries as she climbed in. 

I parked outside of the Science Center and we walked up to the doors. I had to hold myself back from holding her hand, it was just dangling at her side screaming for me to hold it. She wants to take things slow though, so I will go as slow as she wants me to. "I've always wanted to come here, but never have," she smiled as we walked in. I was relieved, I figured this would give me some brownie points. We walked around a bit playing with different things, I showed off my boy skills by building a house made out of giant Legos. As we walked around she grabbed onto my arm, stopping me and pointing into a room. "Go in there with me," she smiled and I looked at the sign to see it was a wind tunnel. She wanted to go into a wind tunnel? Wasn't she scared she'd mess up her hair? I looked from the sign back to her and she was taking the bobby pins out of her hair and then bent over to take her shoes off. She was serious. I laughed and followed her into the room. Before I knew it I had straps hugging my crotch and we were strapped down to the floor. I pulled goggles on and looked over at her, she had a huge smile on her face. As the winds picked up I wanted to look over at her, but I couldn't move my head. I looked up to see the wind was now at 75 MPH and I felt her hand grabbing onto mine. She squeezed my hand and then I linked my fingers into hers. That's all it takes huh? Hurricane force winds!

"That was awesome," she laughed as she pulled her shoes back on. I looked down at her and just laughed, her once perfect hair was now all over the place. She then stood up and ran her fingers through her hair a dozen or so times, calming it down. I think she gave up as she pulled it up into a high ponytail, which I had no problem with, I loved her hair up. We continued to walk and her hand was once again screaming at me, so I grabbed onto it, twisting my fingers with hers. It felt so natural. After two hours at the museum we left and I started heading to the car, but she dragged me in the opposite direction, taking me down toward the waterfront. She let go of my hand as we looked out at the river, it was a beautiful sight with all of the snow. I went off into my own little world, only to have it corrupted by a snow ball hitting my shoulder. I looked over at Lillianah who was laughing. This was war. I checked out the area around her as I gathered a snow ball of my own, only to be hit by another one right on top of my head. She had good aim. I lobbed one over at her and she turned to have it hit her back. I noticed a few feet behind her there was a rather large snow bank, so I made my move. I started kicking snow at her as I inched closer. Once she was in front of me, I picked her up around her knees and then threw her back into the snow bank, landing of top of her. She continued to laugh trying to push me off of her, but I wouldn't budge. She controlled her laughter and looked up at me, into my eyes. A smile came over her face as she leaned up and kissed me. I kissed back, deepening it. I felt her tongue swirl around mine and at that moment I knew what the guys were saying was true. I was falling in love with this girl. Then I got scared, it's too soon for that. I pulled away and looked into her green eyes, she was still smiling. I gave her one last small kiss then helped her out of the snow.

I drove her back to her apartment and was about to get out of the car to walk her up to her door but she stopped me. "Wait here will you?" I nodded my head and she flew up the stairs. What was she up to? Ten minutes later she came back down and had a bag in her hand that she didn't have earlier. She opened the back door and tossed the bag in before crawling back into the car. "If you don't mind, I'd like to hang out with you more, maybe make you some s'mores." I could tell she was nervous, did she honestly think I would tell her no. Say no to her s'mores!? I gave her a smile and then started the car back up. No short cuts this time, I took her straight to my place.

Lillianah's POV

I was a nervous wreck, I was going out on an actual date. A guy was picking me up and taking me somewhere to do something fun. This never happens. This is the crap you see in movies. Luckily I had laid out my outfit the night before and was ready in no time. He was ten minutes late, but I wasn't counting or anything. When I opened the door he opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. I held back my laughter and followed him down to his car. When he told me he was taking me to a museum I was excited. There were a lot of museums I wanted to see, just too busy to ever actually go out and see them. When we pulled up to the Science Museum I was very excited, next to the Andy Warhol museum this was the other one I was kicking myself over for not having seen it yet. I walked next to Max not knowing what to do with my hands. Do we hold hands? Do I put them in my pockets? Do I run my fingers through my hair? I allowed my arms to sway at my sides, he'll let me know what to do soon enough.

A huge smile came over my face when I saw the wind tunnel. I had always wanted to be in one, feel the wind against my face. I stopped Max and asked him to go in with me. At first he looked at me like I was crazy but I think when he saw me taking my shoes off he realized I was serious. We were put in harnesses and strapped down to the ground, which I was happy for. As the wind got up to 75 MPH I felt like I was going to be ripped out of the harness, I could barely move and if the harness broke my body would easily get tossed to the back of the room like a toothpick. I felt his hand brush mine and grabbed on knowing he would be able to keep me from flying. I was a little stunned to fell him intertwine his fingers together with mine. That's a boyfriend move. It felt good though. It had been a very, very long time since someone held my hand, and with Max it felt like our hands were made for each other, they fit so well together. 

As we left the museum I wanted to kiss him, he held onto my hand tight the whole time we were there. I was desperately looking for ways to get him to kiss me so I wouldn't have to make the first move. I wouldn't know how to make the first move. I dragged him down by the waterfront and walked away from him. He starred out at the river and I made the best looking snowball I had ever seen before. I tossed it at him, hitting him square in the shoulder. My feet were starting to freeze as I was standing in about six inches of snow, I threw another snowball at him as he was bent over making his own. I jumped in joy as it landed right on top of his head. He threw one at me, but I turned so it hit me in the back. I turned back around to see him running at me. He picked me up by my knees and tossed me into a snow back. I couldn't stop laughing and I was desperately trying to stop as he was lying on top of me. When I finally calmed down I smiled up at him. Kiss me already Max! He didn't budge so I leaned up and kissed him. As I felt him kiss back I knew I needed to allow this guy into my life romantically. Every girl deserves to be romanced, and I might have found the guy that can do that to me. He pulled away and looked into my eyes, all I could do was smile. 

Back at my apartment I threw my toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, brush, underwear, pajamas and lazy 'day after' clothes into a bag and headed back down to his car. I wasn't planning on spending the night, but I was prepared if that's what would happen. I didn't like leaving King alone all night, but I left him plenty of blankets, toys and food just in case. At his apartment I made some s'mores and we managed to keep each others fingers out of the others mouths, but I was tempted. When I saw the chocolate dripping down his finger I had to hold myself back from sucking the chocolate off. We both changed into pajamas and relaxed on the couch watching CSI New York. I felt his arm reach around my shoulders and he pulled me close to him. I tucked my legs up underneath me and leaned my head onto his shoulder. I moved my head back a little and tucked my face into his neck, I wanted to smell him. I took in his scent and smiled, he smelt fresh, not musky which was a nice change. I kissed his neck and then put my head back on his shoulder to watch the TV. Once David Letterman came on we were both falling in and out of sleep on the couch. He grabbed my hand and dragged me into the bedroom with him. He took his glasses off and climbed right in, leaving me the other side of the bed. I headed into the bathroom and washed my face. I walked back out and watched him sleeping in the bed, or at least I thought he was sleeping. I continued to just stare at the bed. "You sleep standing up? That's weird," he laughed squinting his eyes at me. I climbed into the other side of the bed with my back to him and felt his arm reach around and wrap around my waist. He put a protective hold on me, as if he was trying to prevent me from running away again. I felt him kiss the back of my neck and I quickly fell asleep.


Lauren said...

Aww this was adorable! How do I get Max to take ME on a date like that?

Val/stovgirl said...

I am with Lauren, as usual, adorable, and I will add that I loved their date to the museum!

Ellen said... cute