Friday, December 19, 2008


Lillianah's POV

We drank more than I'm sure we planned on drinking. Max would run a little bit on his toes before he would slide across the ice on the sidewalk. "You're going to end up on your ass," I shouted to him just as I slipped a little bit, but managed to keep my balance. We made it to his apartment building in one piece and stumbled into the elevator. "Know what sounds so good right now?" he asked leaning his head back against the wall. "S'mores," I smiled looking over at him. "You can read minds?" he laughed. "Really, you were thinking s'mores? I make one killer s'more." "Yes I was thinking s'mores!" The elevator opened and he jogged down to his door, swinging it open for me to walk in. I threw my coat on the coat rack and went straight to the kitchen. I opened the pantry and pulled out the chocolate and marshmallows. I set them on the counter and put my attention back on the pantry where I looked for the graham crackers. I felt his hand on my hip and I saw his arm reach above me where he pulled the crackers down. I turned around and smiled at him, he now had his glasses on. I loved him in glasses.

I lightly pushed him out of the kitchen. "You can't see how I make them," I laughed as he tried to walk back in. "Max, go sit in the living room, I'll bring them to you." He shot me that smile and headed to the living room where I heard the TV turn on. I knew I made the best s'mores this side of the Mississippi, there was no question about that. I'm sure I would win contests if there was such a thing. I made six beautiful, gooey s'mores and took them into the living room with two glasses of milk. I set them down on the coffee table and Max immediately grabbed one and shoved it into his mouth. "Oh wow," he moaned while still chewing. "How do you get them that gooey?" "It's a secret. If I told you I would have to kill you," I smiled before biting into my own. It really was perfection, I outdid myself this time.

After Max had his fourth and final s'more I started licking the melted marshmallows and chocolate off my fingers. I could feel him watching me, but I didn't take my attention off my fingers. I licked the last of the chocolate off my thumb and finally looked at Max who once again had that smile on his face, and chocolate on the corner of his mouth. I laughed and he held his hand in front of my face. "Can you help me out?" I looked at his hand and his fingers were covered in chocolate, he almost looked like a little kid. Do I dare cross this line with him? I took his hand in mine and slowly started licking the chocolate off of his fingers. Sucking especially hard on the tips of his fingers. He squirmed a little bit on the sofa and I adjusted myself so I was facing him head on. At one point his eyes closed and I knew I had him where I wanted him. I licked the rest of the chocolate off of his palm and he was now looking at me without a smile. "Oh wait, I forgot this," I smiled and I leaned forward and sucked the chocolate off the corner of his mouth. I felt him move his head to put his lips directly on mine, but I pulled away before he could. I winked at him before making my way back into the kitchen.

I knew I had him right where I wanted him, I was in charge. I wasn't going to be one of those girls he uses and disposes of the next morning. I felt like there was something special between him and I, but I didn't want him to know that. I had a rep to keep up, and liking someone like Max would ruin that rep for me. It was unlike me though to actually have a flirtatious friendship with him. Alicia was right though, I'm a playgirl and he's a playboy, it would never work. I can't have a relationship until I grow up, and right now, I don't really want to grow up.

Max's POV

I drank too much, she drank too much, but damn I was feeling good. I really badly wanted s'mores and I started thinking to myself if I had what I needed to make s'mores. I guess I would have to figure it out once we got back to my place. My mind went from s'mores back to Lillianah. She really was amazing, and I know the guys would be proud of me for finally breaking the ice with her. Flower was right though, it would be hard to actually have a relationship with her. I know I'm a playboy, and she really is a playgirl, which I was hoping wasn't true, but it's just something I will have to deal with. "Know what sounds so good right now?" My mind was back on s'mores as we rode the elevator up to my apartment. "S'mores," she simply said and I was in shock. How did she know that? Did I mention s'mores earlier? She's my soul mate. That's it. That's the sign God was sending me to let me know not to fuck this one up. I was so excited for the s'mores that I jogged down to my apartment and swung the door open real quick to let Lily walk in.

She brought out six gooey s'more goodness and I jumped right in. "Oh wow," I didn't mean to talk with my mouth full, but they were really good. The marshmallow and chocolate was running down my fingers, but I didn't care, I ate one after another, four in total. I looked down at my hands and they were a mess, I was just about to get up to wash them when I saw her licking her fingers. One finger at a time, in and out of her mouth. Her eyes closed, cheeks sunken in, I wanted those fingers in my mouth. She caught me watching her and started to laugh. "Can you help me out?" I asked holding my hand in front of her. Wow, did I just make a move on her? She took my hand in hers and slowly began sucking on each finger, rubbing her teeth gently against the tips. She would take my whole finger in her mouth and I could feel her tongue flick at my palm. I was ready to lose myself. I closed my eyes and imagined everything else she could do with her tongue. I felt one last lick on my palm and I looked at her with no expression on my face. "Oh wait, I forgot this," she lunged forward and I could feel her tongue flicking at the corner of my mouth and she sucked a little bit. I started to turn my head to get my lips to land on hers, but she pulled away, winked and walked away. I continued to sit on the couch in complete shock. Did that just happen?

I watched her walk out of the kitchen and head to the front door. She took her coat off the rack and I jumped up to go over to her. "Leaving?" I asked as I helped her with her coat. "Yeah, you look tired, I'm tired. I have to work tomorrow and aren't you going somewhere or something?" My eyes drifted down to my feet, oh yeah, we leave tomorrow. "Yeah, we're heading out west, I'll be gone for a week and a half. Can I call you when I get back?" A smile came over her face and I was relieved. "Of course, that gives me enough time to think about what I want to do with you still." I wanted to lean in and kiss her so bad, but I turned to stone. She turned on her heel and walked out the door.


Ellen said...

haha i love this story...can't wait for the next update!!

Lauren said...

I LOVE this story! And I love that you get to see both Max and hers point of views!