Thursday, January 29, 2009


Lillianah's POV

"This music is crap!" I laughed as I listened to the first two songs. I would never play something like this in my club. It sounded like it was thrown together with a PC computer or something. "Maybe the next song will be better," Alicia laughed. "I can only hope so, there's only three songs on the whole CD." I pushed next before the previous song had even finished. The music began to fill my apartment and I instantly turned it up. I felt myself pumping my shoulders forward with the music, if this song wasn't already a hit, it was going to be. "No shit, I heard this song on the radio today at work." I looked over at Alicia shocked. This guy was on the radio and he wanted to work with me? Why would he want to work with me?

As my fingers ran over the numbers on my phone I was trying to think what I wanted to say, but I had no idea. "Hello?" I went searching for words, "uhh . . ." "Hello?!" "Sorry, is this Kevin, this is Lillianah from Diesel, you gave me your card." There was a little bit of silence like he was trying to remember who I was. "I was hoping you would call. So what do you say, want to make beautiful music together?" Even though he was on the phone I was embarrassed I was blushing. "We can definitely talk about it, that third song is killer, the other two could use some sprucing up." I wasn't going to flat out tell him the music sucked, as much as I wanted to. "That's why I approached you, I know you can mix those songs into hits." There I go blushing again. "Okay, well can you meet me at the club tomorrow, say around noon?" "Sure." I wrote myself a quick note on things I wanted to bring with me and ended the conversation. Alicia looked at me with a huge smile on her face. "What?" I asked laughing. "This could be your ticket kid, don't screw up." I continued laughing, this was just going to be a meeting to see what I could do with him music, not a career.

The kitchen needed to be cleaned, but I wasn't going to get off the couch, I would let the guys do that when they came over. I was a little bit nervous, Max had asked if him and some of the guys could come to my place for dinner before they left for a short five day road trip. I wasn't going to turn him down, I wanted to see Max, and get to know his teammates a little better. Right on the dot there was a knock on the door. "It's open!" I shouted and Max came rolling in, bee-lining his lips to mine. I looked past him to see Eyelashes, Mr. Miserable, Cutie and Sidney. I watched as Sidney turned around and shut the door behind him. Holy crap that boy has an ass on him. Max sat next to me on the couch and I whispered into his ear, "I have a nickname for Crosby now." "Oh yeah and what's that?" He asked laughing looking straight at Sidney who looked very confused. I held my hand up as I whispered, "baby" into his ear. "Because he is one?" "No, because baby got back! DAMN!" We both started laughing as Sidney glared us down. "Are you guys making fun of my rather large gluteus maximus?" I could only nod my head as I continued to laugh. "Lil has nicknames for all of us." Max explained and everyones eyes lit up. "Well, what are they?" Marc asked. "Alright fine, I like keeping them to myself, but I guess I could let you guys in on it. Marc you're 'eyelashes', Kris you're 'Mr. Miserable', sorry. Tyler you're 'cutie' and Sidney I just gave you 'baby', it took me a while to get one for you. These were your nicknames before I even met Max mind you. Max's is 'ring leader'." I looked from each guy and could see Tyler hiding behind his hand, which made me laugh even more. Laughing was a good thing, healthy for the heart. I could only hope the guys continue to come around.

Sitting on the couch I watched as the guys started walking out the door, but Kris hung back a little bit. "Why am I Mr. Miserable?" He asked with some fear in his voice. I looked him straight in the eye and smiled, "everytime I see you at the club you don't look like you want to be there, you're never smiling. Sorry Kris, after tonight though I might have to change your nickname with Tyler's." A huge smile came over his face and he bent over to give me a hug. I watched as he walked out and Max sat down next to me. "What do you want to do tonight?" He asked wrapping his arm around my shoulders. How I missed his touch so much. I wanted to feel him, all of him, that's what I wanted to do. "I want to try something, come to the bedroom with me," I smiled before giving him a sultry kiss.

Max's POV

"I'm going to ask her to move in with me." Flower went silent and I looked up at him just in time for him to burst out into laughter. "What? I'm being serious here." Flower sat down next to me still laughing. Then all of a sudden he stopped laughing and punched me in my thigh. "What the hell is wrong with you? You're going to ask a commitment phobe to move in with you after two and a half months?!" I looked right into Flower's eyes as I rubbed my thigh where he hit me. I could only nod my head. "That's suicide Max, you don't want to do that." "How?" I was started to get mad, I wasn't asking for his advice, I was just telling him what I planned on doing. "What happens if you guys break up? Are you going to leave her homeless?" I looked at him with a blank expression on my face and he got up from the bench and walked away. Maybe, just maybe Flower has a point.

"Damnit, you guys are assholes, every single one of you!" This whole 'let's shoot pucks at Max when he skates out onto the ice' was getting pretty old. "You're stupid to ask her to move in with you," Crosby laughed as he skated by me taking a few of the pucks resting at my feet. "Flower, what the hell!" He shrugged his shoulders and skated away. Okay so maybe I was getting ahead of myself. There was nothing I wanted more than to come home after a road trip to her lounging around my apartment though. "When do you parents get here?" Flowers voice snapped me out of my trance. "Week and a half." "Have you told her yet?" I thought about it for a minute. "No actually, I haven't. Shit."

The boys and I headed to Lil's place for dinner before we left for the short roadtrip. I loved that she was getting along so well with the boys. They were family to me, and it only made me smile knowing she could make fun of them as much as I could. Well she was making fun of Sidney's ass, but that's the same thing. Whenever I had a girl I was dating hang out with me and the boys, she tended to stay away from me and flirt with my teammates in front of me. Yet here was Lillianah, cuddled up next to me on the couch, whispering deadly insults about my teammates into my ear. There was no denying it now, no second guessing, no thinking I was crazy. I'm definitely in love with this woman. "Have you guys seen Lil's newest tattoo?" I asked as my fingers played with the edge of her shirt. "Oh come on Max," she laughed elbowing me in the side. "New tattoo? Really? Where?" Kris asked. Lillianah stood up from the couch and lifted the side of her shirt up to show everyone. Marc walked up to her and pulled her into a hug. "I love you for that. Know why? Fluer, Fluery. I will forever be on your body." "That will be on her body forever, yeah, but you sure as hell won't," I laughed as she sat back down on my lap.

I woke up the next morning with Lillianah's head on my chest and that was my final decision. I was going to ask her to move in with me. Not right now, but within the month. I ran my fingers through her hair and she stirred a bit, placing a soft kiss in the middle of my bare chest. "What time is it?" she asked stretching her arms out a bit. "Just after 9:30, I have to be at the airport in two hours." I heard her groan a bit, I knew this was to early for her. "Hey Lil, my parents are coming down for my birthday at the end of next week. They are very excited to meet you." I felt her slide her hand over my chest and she moved a bit so she was looking up at me. "I can't wait to meet them either." "Really? You're not freaked out about it one bit? Because I am, my mom is very, well, she's eccentric." She started laughing and once again placed a few small kisses on my chest. "What French-Canadian isn't eccentric? Honestly Max? It will be fun. Hey, on your way to the airport, can you drop me off at the club? I have a meeting with some musician at noon. He's got a hit song, but the rest of his music sucks, so he wants me to help." "Of course." I continued to run my fingers through her hair, I didn't want to move. I could lay like this for hours, days even months on end. 

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Oh my word... I've been working on the next chapter, but I swear every time I go to type I fall asleep. I know what I want to do, it's just a matter of typing it all out. And lately, if I'm not at work, I'm at the rink cheering on my WHL team. So there will be an update soon, I just don't know when. 

Hope all is well with everyone!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I just wanted to thank everyone for the awesome words of encouragement. I won't lie this past week has been hell for me. I managed to pick fights with everyone I know, even a friend of mine who lives on the east coast. Pathetic, I know! But hey, I have been smoke free for a little over a week now and the mood swings have calmed down, now I'm just trying to get myself back into the swing of things, so I might neglect this story a bit, but not too much. Here's a short update, just a bridge to take you into the next part of the story. Thank you again for all of the kind words, they sure did help!

Max's POV

The honeymoon was over. All of her things were back in her suitcase and I took it down to my car. I took a few deep breaths as I put her suitcase in the trunk. I headed back upstairs and found her sitting on the couch looking down at her nails. "Ready?" I asked and she looked up at me, her eyes looked very red. "Yeah," she smiled and got up on her crutches. She walked up to me and set her chin down on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into me, hearing each crutch hit the floor as her arms tightened around my neck. "Thank you for everything Max. I have to admit, this was a lot better than sitting at home alone all week," she whispered into my ear before giving me a small kiss on the lips and pulled away. "No problem," I smiled as I bent over and grabbed her crutches for her. 

"Hey! She's back!" I heard someone shout as I followed Lillianah up the stairs to her apartment. "Hi Aaron," I heard her huff and peaked over her shoulder to see her neighbor standing at the top of the stairs. "I see you brought your boyfriend," he smirked looking straight at me. What the hell was this guys problem? "Oh yeah, Max, this is Aaron, Aaron this is my boyfriend Max. I believe you two already met in passing though." Aaron just gave me that look, that 'who the fuck do you think you are' look as he helped Lillianah up the last few steps. "You going to be alright getting around your apartment?" he asked and she nodded her head before turning around to smile at me. "I got Max, I'll be good." Hell yeah fool, take that! We walked into her apartment and I locked the door behind me, I didn't trust that guy. "What's his deal?" I asked as I sat down next to her on the couch. "He wanted to take me to dinner when I got back from Phillie and I told him no I'm seeing someone and it just seems like he's very jealous now." She shrugged it off and that's when I knew I had nothing to worry about.

It was weird walking into an empty apartment. No dog barking, no beautiful lady asleep on the couch. Just my cold apartment, it was weird. I found myself bored, not knowing what to do. I would call her and see if she wanted to hang out, but she just left after spending a week in my apartment, why would she want to see me again so soon? I knew she was excited about heading to work later in the day, I would go, but I want her to have a little bit of her own time. I hoped in the shower and stood under the hot water until my toes turned to raisins, which I automatically regretted as my feet itch when I stepped out of the shower. What to do? I dragged my feet across the carpet and plopped down on the my couch. I heard my phone go off and looked to see it was a text message from Crosby. Beer? 20 minutes? Ah, Sid saves the day yet again.

Lillianah's POV

I didn't want to leave, I couldn't believe it. Just a week ago I was freaking out about coming to his place, now here I sit not wanting to leave. I felt like such a three year old who had to leave Disneyland. I knew this week was just a preview for us, a preview for a movie. It was the type of movie that you really couldn't tell if it was going to be awesome or not, you just had to go through with it and see it. I sat on the couch and felt a few tears quickly fall from my eyes. Crying? Really? I heard Max walk up and ask if I was ready. I took a deep breath and told him I was with a smile.

My boss had made it easy for me to return to work, which was nice. I couldn't wait to get back to work. He was even allowing me to go lazy with the wardrobe. I pulled on some sweatpants and a tight tank top, pulled my hair up into a high pony tail, and slipped into a gold hooded zip up sweatshirt. I made my way downstairs and climbed into the back of a cab. I waddled into the club on my crutches to a wave of hello's and hugs. I stood there for a few minutes just staring down the stairs. It was hard enough going down the three flights at my apartment building, I was already exhausted from those, I needed to save my energy for my walk back up. How was I going to get up stairs? "You know there's a service elevator," Steven the bartender laughed as he watched me staring at the stairs. "Oh yeah good idea," I laughed as I hobbled to the back of the club to the service elevator. I ran my fingers over my the turn tables, I had missed them so much. Everything was lowered a bit and a stool was set in the middle of the floor, making everything easily accessible to me. "Packed house tonight Lil, you ready to rock it?" Steven shouted up to me. "When do I not rock it?!"

I was feeling experimental, my time away from my music was damaging to my head. I didn't play any playlists, everything was mixed together by me. Just as I was mixing "Keeps Gettin' Better" by Christina Aguilera in with a Robin Thicke song I felt a strong glare on my right shoulder coming from the VIP lounge. I turned to see a very good looking twenty-something, possibly even a thirty-something sitting on a couch just watching me. Shaggy hair hidden underneath a hat, skater shoes untied, pure black sunglasses and tight jeans along with a tight shirt and black zip up hoodie. Like I would with any other guy watching me, I motioned for him to come talk to me. He quickly approached me and I stood up on one leg to look at him. "You know it's already dark in here, you some big shot wearing sunglasses in here?" I smirked as he leaned across the railing next to my table. "I like what you do," he smiled at me, lowering his glasses just a bit to reveal piercing blue eyes. "I do what I do, you should see me when I have two legs to dance on," I laughed as I turned back around and mixed in a few more songs. "Name's Kevin Rudolf, I want to work with you. Here's my CD, and my number, please give me a call. I'm only in Pittsburgh for another five days." He handed over a CD and his card. Where in the world was he stashing the CD? His clothes were so tight, he must have been a magician. I smiled and set them down on the table. He leaned forward and left a lingering kiss on my cheek. "Call, it will be the best thing that has ever happened to you."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I just wanted to let you guys know it might be a few days before I update again. I recently went on the nicotene patch and it's making my mind race all over the place, my resting heart rate today was 120, GUH!! So once I get calmed down and can actually sit down and string together some sentences that make sense I will update. =)

Hope all is well, and thanks for reading and commenting, it brings my spirits up!



Lillianah's POV

Please come over tonight around 6. I shot a quick text message to Alicia and when she said okay I was relieved and told her where Max lived. The whole day had been a weird one. Max was gone when I woke up, I was up for awhile before falling asleep on the couch. When I woke up he was asleep in the bedroom, then he cooked a very early dinner, we ate together, he kissed me and left for the game. That was it. I was in desperate need of Alicia's advice and I could only hope that she could help me. Six o'clock rolled around and there was a knock on the door. I hobbled over to the door and unlocked it opening it for Alicia. "Hey hop-a-long," she smiled pulling me into a hug. "Wow nice place," she smiled as she walked in looking around, "needs some color though." "Tell me about it, my eyes go all weird on me when I watch TV, the color is powerful," I laughed as I looked around at the black, grey and white interior of Max's apartment.

Alicia sat down in the leather recliner and I curled up on the couch with my foot up on a pillow. "So how are things going here?" Alicia asked with some caution in her voice. "He said those three words you know scare the shit out of me. I think he thought I was asleep, but still, he whispered it into my ear," I threw my arms up into the arm with frustration. "Lil, calm the fuck down." I looked over at Alicia with wide eyes. "I'm stuck in this apartment and he tells me he loves me, that quick! I can't be around him anymore, everything was going good, and then reality sunk in. Love? Are you kidding me?" Alicia rolled her eyes before she got up and headed to the kitchen. "It's going to be a long night, where does he keep the booze?" I turned around to see her opening all the cabinets. "Liquor cabinet, down below to your right."

Kahlua, peppermint schnapps, vodka, Coke, milk and some ice cream. Ladies and Gentleman I present one fucked up float. Alicia kept them coming, she knew that once I had enough alcohol in my system I would spit out my true feelings. Another frozen glass was put in my hand as we watched the Penguins game. "I mean look at him, how does that not turn you on? The uniform, the black eye, what's under that uniform," I smiled as the camera had zoomed in on him. "So you slept with him?" "Oh yeah," I threw a huge smile at her. "When was this and when were you planning on telling me?" I took a sip of my shake and looked back at her. "The night I broke my ankle. He brought me back here, then he went to my place and brought King over with some of my things. Let me tell you he was amazing, ah-may-zing! Weird, but amazing." Alicia laughed a little bit, "how was it weird?" "Well when he slid in, he was looking me straight in the eyes, no guy does that. When a guy enters you he's looking at your boobs, or looking down at his dick, or burying his head in the pillow. Never does a man look you in the eyes when he enters you!" Alicia choked back on her water a little bit and then looked over at me where I was slowly sipping on my shake. "Men do do that Lil. A man that loves that woman does that." I sat there and thought about it. I started shaking my head no, I disagreed. I am unlovable how can he love me? "Lil, do you love him?" I took another slow sip of my shake and looked at her. "I don't know if I love him, but I am in love with him. I am in love with everything about him, but I don't know if I love him as a whole or not."

The next time I looked over at the TV the local news was on, it was just after 11 o'clock. I heard a key in the door and looked over at Alicia with a wide smile. We listened as the front door swung open, gently closed shut and footsteps coming our way. "Hi Lil, oh hey Alicia." "Hi Max." He leaned down and gave me a kiss and I was instantly confused. "Wait, how do you two . . ." "How do you think he got your parent's address for the tickets?" Alicia asked laughing. "Oh wow, I never even questioned that. You're sneaky," I smiled up at Max tugging on his tie a bit bringing his lips down to mine. "What are you ladies drinking?" he asked laughing as I heard the bottles in the kitchen clink around. "It's called a 'fucked up float', and that's exactly what it does to you," I laughed before finishing off the one I was holding in my hand. "I'm going to head out, I will talk to you later Lil. Nice seeing you again Max." We said our goodbyes and she quickly slipped out the door. "I hope it's okay that she came over and that we attacked your liquor," I smiled as he sat down on the couch next to me, once again lying my leg on his lap. "That's totally okay, I can only imagine you're going crazy being cooped up in here."

"Hey, sitting like this sucks, can you come sit behind me?" I asked slowly saying each word to make it sound like I was somewhat sober. He looked over at me and smiled. He got up, placed the pillow under my foot, I sat up and he sat behind me. I scooted back a little bit so when I laid down my head was resting on the arm rest, with my back over his legs. "That's so much better, I like having you close," I smiled up at him. "This isn't close enough though." He reached over and started throwing the back cushions to the couch off. He sat me up and laid down between the back of the couch and me, I rolled over so I was facing him, and he wrapped his arm around my waist. I could feel my eye lids getting heavy but I started kissing him anyways.

Max's POV

"Talbot baby, you never came over yesterday, that's an excellent sign," Flower laughed as I walked into the locker room. "Yeah she looked very confused yesterday when I got back. I kissed her and she cried. Not like full on crying, but I saw a tear creep down. What the hell is that about?" I sat down at my locker and looked around, nothing was making sense to me. "Well from that I can say she heard you the other night, and she probably feels the same way, she's just fighting it." I can only hope she feels the same way.

When I headed back to the apartment Lillianah was fast asleep on the couch and I didn't want to bother her. As much as I wanted to wake her up and kiss her before I took my nap, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I cooked my usual pasta and we ate in silence and I kissed her before I left. On my drive to the arena I couldn't stop thinking about her. She wasn't pushing me away, but something was up, I could tell. I knew what I needed to do, but I didn't want to do that, and that was back off a little bit.

We lost the game, and I ended my point streak. I sat in my stall thinking of what changed in my routine today, but I had to keep reminding myself I wasn't superstitious. I'm no Crosby or Malkin either, all good things come to an end. "Talbot, we're heading to the brewery, you coming?" I looked up at Crosby who had TK, Tanger, Geno and Staalsy behind him. I could really use a beer, but then I thought about the night when I didn't go straight home, when she was already asleep. "No, I think I'm going to head home," I replied as I stood up and grabbed my bag. "Hey, nice streak you had there, don't worry about it, tonight was just one game," Flower said as I walked by him and Vero. I smiled and then proceeded to knock on the wood bench behind me. "You're not superstitious my ass," Whit laughed as he walked by.

As I walked into my apartment I could hear giggling coming from the living room and I smiled to myself knowing she was still awake. I walked in and was a little shocked to see Alicia there. Lillianah didn't tell me she would be over. I leaned over the back of the couch and gave her a kiss, she smelt like an assortment of alcohol. This must have been a girl talk they just had. I looked over at Alicia and she looked sober, wide awake, and she was holding a glass of water. Clever. I walked into the kitchen and saw three empty bottles, an empty Coke bottle and an empty milk carton. "It's called a 'fucked up float', and that's exactly what it does to you," Lillianah shouted laughing. Those bottles were brand new, she has to be trashed right now! I turned around to see Alicia leaving. "Hey did she drink all that by herself?" I asked her as I walked her to the door. "I had two glasses a few hours ago, but the rest has been all her. She's not trashed, just drunk," she laughed before leaving. I sat on the couch, with her feet on my lap and I could see her starring at me. "Hey, sitting like this sucks, can you come sit behind me?" she asked and I looked over at her and smiled. I knew something was on her mind. I rested her leg on a pillow and sat down behind her and she laid down on my lap. "That's so much better, I like having you close." All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around her, but I couldn't with the position we were in. I started throwing the cushions off, and slid down to lie down next to her, wrapping my arms around her. "Max baby, can I tell you something that's bothering me," she said between the kisses she was giving me. "Yeah," I whispered before she bit into my lip. I moaned in pain, biting her back a little. "I don't know if I love you, and I heard you the other night. So I just want you to know I don't know if I love you back." I froze, wow I feel like an idiot. She pushed me back and laid down on top of me, still kissing me. "But," she started and I opened my eyes to see she had a smile on her face. She opened her eyes for a moment and then kissed me on the nose, "I'll get there." Liquid courage, we're more alike than I originally thought. Just hearing that, knowing she wasn't giving up on me, not yet, made me happy. I slid my hands up the back of her shirt and continued to kiss her. I'm happy I came straight home. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Lillianah's POV

Was it possible to stay in a drug induced coma until my week at Max's was over? I knew he was drunk last night, I could smell it, but that's no excuse. You don't just toss those words out there. I know how he is, I am the same way, we don't believe in telling people that. What was he thinking?! I hobbled my way into the living room and laid down on the couch, resting my cast on a pillow. I looked at the coffee table and saw my pill bottle, I wasn't in pain, but it was tempting just to take one so I could sleep the day away. When I heard him walking into the living room I closed my eyes and acted like I was sleeping. I felt him walk around the couch, lift my legs up, sit down and rested my legs on his lap. I felt his hand rub up and down my right leg and I shifted a little bit, acting like I was waking up. I sat up and held my head in my hands, I suddenly got a bad headache. "You okay?" he asked as I felt his hand go to my back. "Yeah, I just have a headache, no big deal it will go away," I replied not moving my hands from my head. I laid back down and covered my eyes with my arm. "Need anything?" "No, I'm fine. I'm use to these." I felt his hand go back to my leg, lightly rubbing up and down. After awhile my headache was gone and I sat up to look at Max, I just needed to look at him. "I told you to beat someone up, not get beat up," I laughed as I examined his fresh black eye. "I tried, he was a big guy." He laughed before he leaned over and kissed me. My fingers went tingly, and that electric shock was present. I smiled at him after he pulled away and I laid back down, terrified.

All I wanted to do was go to work, get out of this apartment, get away from Max for a night, I needed to clear my mind. I was on the verge of freaking out, or worse having a mental breakdown. I don't even want to think about what he whispered in my ear last night, but it's standing out like a sore thumb in my head. All thoughts that I was falling in love with him were washed away, it came all too real last night, and I'm not liking the person I am turning in to. I live a certain lifestyle, and that's what I'm comfortable with, I'm never one to take risks. I could only hope that Max would understand.

The door creaked open and I sat up on the couch to see Max walk in. "How was practice?" I asked and he sighed before throwing his bag in the closet next to the front door. "I've had better, just happy to be home" he mumbled as he sat down next to me and brought my leg up on to his lap. "Elevated," he smiled pointing to my cast. Do I bring it up? How do I tell him I want out? I looked down at the coffee table and reached for my pain pills. I needed to talk to Alicia first, make sure I wasn't going crazy.

Max's POV

I might have fucked up. I wanted to stab my own throat with a fork when I woke up. The only thing I could hope for was that she didn't hear me. I needed to talk to Flower, he knows women better than anyone, I only admit that to myself though. I parked my car at Southpointe and headed in. "I need to talk to you when we get a chance," I told Flower as the rest of the guys piled into the locker room. "You fucked up, what did you do!?" He asked pulling his head out of his bag. "Flower, later, please," I pleaded and everyone that was watching me was now getting ready for practice. I sat in my stall in my gear starring down at my skates, what did I do!? "Come on Talbot!" Crosby snapped at me and I started pulling my skates on. I skated out onto the ice and immediately was hit by a dozen pucks. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" I yelled throwing my arms up to cover my face. "Talk Max, now," Flower demanded as we all skated around the rink to warm up. It must have looked like a pack of ants running together from the stands, everyone stayed close to listen to me talk. "Went home drunk last night, she was asleep, or atleast I HOPE she was sleeping, and I kind of said . . ." I couldn't bring myself to say it. I continued to skate and looked around me to see the guys had stopped, just in front of the bench. "You told her YOU LOVE HER?!" I hung my head and skated over to them before Coach snapped at us to continue warming up.

The once silent locker room erupted into laughter. "I don't find this funny. She woke up this morning and went to the living room, and not three minutes later she was fast asleep on the couch. She was pretending to be asleep so she wouldn't have to talk to me! Then when she 'woke up' she had a 'headache'. What the hell?" I was getting frustrated, I was running her away. "Are you scared she's going to run?" Flower asked as he sat down next to me. "No she will run, that's the thing. If she did hear me I wouldn't be shocked to go home to an empty apartment in about twenty minutes." I started throwing my things into my bag with frustration. "So if she's gone, I should expect you at my house fifteen minutes later?" I laughed a bit but he was right. "Yeah, so have the Jack ready." "I hope I don't see your ugly mug til the morning skate tomorrow, but door is always open for you, Vero is use to it now." I laughed at Flower and collected my things and headed out.

A few silent prayers went through my head as I rode the elevator up to my apartment. I spun my keys around on my finger as I walked down the hall. I slowly opened the door and kept my eyes closed, I heard the TV and then I heard her, "how was practice?" I had never been so relieved before in my life when I walked over to her on the couch. I sat down next to her and brought her leg up onto my lap. Something was bothering her, I could tell and my heart sank. "You okay?" I asked with a nervous laugh. She looked over at me with uncertainty in her eyes. "Yeah I'm fine just a little loopy," she half smiled at me and I found my face inching closer to hers. I stopped myself when I could feel her breath on my mouth. She leaned in and her lips met mine. I kept my eyes open as I kissed her, slowly sucking on her top lip. I felt her suck my bottom lip in response then I saw a single tear fall from her eye. She brought her hands up to the sides of my face and I quickly got lost in the kiss, closing my eyes. Does she love me too? What's going on? I pushed the thoughts out of my mind and continued kissing her, I wanted to enjoy this moment, not have it clouded with doubts.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Lillianah's POV

I twirled my fingers around and slowly opened my eyes to see I was playing with the small hairs on his chest. I went to move my head up to look at him, but I felt his cheek resting on my forehead, preventing me from moving. His arm, which I'm sure was once wrapped around my shoulders, was now lying flat on the bed behind me and my head was resting on his shoulder. I looked back down at my fingers and ran my fingertips over his chest, watching his breathing suddenly start to pick up in pace. I stopped moving my fingers and watched as his breathing went back to a normal slow pace. Curious, I moved my fingers again, up and down his chest and his breathing got fast, "stop that tickles," he chuckled and I started laughing not knowing he was awake. I felt his head move and before I could even say 'good morning' I felt his lips on mine. He deepened the kiss and rolled over to lay on top of me. I ran my fingers through his hair which was starting to get long. He held himself up with one arm as his other hand found the bottom of my tank top. I felt his hand grip into my waist and I quickly knew where this was going. I felt his kisses go from my mouth down to my neck and I had a firm grip on his hair. "OH MY GOD!" I shouted and Max quickly jumped off looking terrified. "I am so sorry," he said as he placed his hands on my cast. "I totally forgot about that damn thing," I started to laugh as a few tears crept down my face from the pain. "I shouldn't have moved my leg like that so quickly." "Max, it's okay." "Do you need pain killers?" I thought about it for a minute, I didn't really feel like sleeping for most of the day so I declined. "Sorry for being such a mood killer," I laughed as he pulled me up to sit next to him on the edge of the bed.

"I have a game tonight, so can you promise me that you will stay on the couch with your leg propped up until I get home?" He looked over at me as he slung his bag over his shoulder. "Where are you going now?" "Morning skate, then I come back, eat lunch, take a nap, wake up, cook a nice big meal then head to the game." I nodded my head and wanted him to come over and give me a kiss but he just smiled at me and walked out. I propped my leg up on the pillow on the couch and looked at the coffee table. Pain pills, water, trail mix, remote, a few magazines, and is that a, yes it is! A back scratcher! I leaned over and grabbed the back scratcher and shoved it down my cast. Finally the itch on the outside of my ankle was taken care of, but the pressure of the little plastic fingers was a little too much on my tender ankle, so I set down the back scratcher and reached for the pain pills.

Max's POV

I felt like such a jackass, how could I forget about the big ass cast on her leg? I thought for sure she was going to murder me when I saw a few tears trickle down her cheeks, but then she started laughing. "Sorry for being such a mood killer," she laughed and I brought her up next to me on the edge of the bed. Her head fell on my shoulder and I started circling my fingers on her lower back. "It really hurts doesn't it?" "Yeah, but I have a high tolerance for pain. I had a spinal tap from hell when I was seventeen, ever since then nothing really phases me." I brought my hand up to her head and ran my fingers through her hair. "Why did you get a spinal tap, if you don't mind me asking?" "Oh I had a migraine for a month that wouldn't go away, so they did a spinal tap to make sure there wasn't any internal bleeding causing the migraine. The whole thing took about thirty minutes, which was about twenty minutes too long, and I could feel the needle in my spine, it was terrible. Afterwards the hospital sent me home, telling me I was fine to go to school the next day, which I did. Two hours into school I started throwing up, and my migraine was about a hundred times worse. The only way I felt better was when I was lying down on my back. So I stayed on my back for three days before a doctor told me the hole they punctured in my spinal cord didn't heal, so all the spinal fluid in my head was draining out of that tiny hole, causing the headache. It was causing my brain to swell when I was upright, filling the space where the spinal fluid would have been. It was hell. I had to go back and get a blood patch, which is pretty much an epidural, but instead of anesthetic they insert your own blood, which clogs the hole, then it heals." She looked up at me and for a minute I could feel some pain in my lower back, just thinking about a hollow needle going into your spine. "That sounds like hell. All because of a migraine? Wow." This girl really can tolerate pain, sometimes I want to cry after getting a paper cut. If that happened to me I would never let a needle near me ever again, and look at all of her tattoos, that's amazing.

Geno must have been in charge of the music as I walked into the locker room, hearing some European techno music playing at too loud of a level. "Where were you yesterday Talbot? You never skip practice," Crosby smirked at me as I started to undress at my stall. "Bite marks on the shoulder, that would explain it," Flower pointed his fingers into the bright red marks in my shoulder. "I missed practice because Lillianah broke her ankle, the bite marks are from her dog." "I smell bullshit. Those are human teeth, look you can count them, I see she got her wisdom teeth out." I lightly punched TK away as he looked at my shoulder. "Since when do you NOT kiss and tell?" "Since I know I really care about this girl and she's not going to turn into a locker room story," I snapped back at TK as I pulled my pads on. The room went silent, expect for the horrid music, and I continued to get ready for the skate. "So she really broke her ankle?" Flower asked after awhile. "Slipped on ice after we left the diner, fell on her foot at an awkward angle, snapped it and it barely phased her."

Lillianah's POV

I quickly reached for my crutches and somewhat sprinted into the bathroom. I tossed the crutches aside and gripped onto the edge of the toilet, bending myself over only to throw up in it. I heard footsteps come up behind me and I was immediately embarrassed, I didn't even know he was home. "You okay?" he asked as he pulled my hair out of my face. "I think I took too many Percocet's today, and I haven't eaten anything," I explained right before throwing up again. He was still holding my hair as I heard the sink turn on. Goosebumps formed on my arms and neck as I felt a cold wash cloth placed on the back of my neck. "Thank you," I mumbled as I stood up and he moved the wash cloth from my neck to my forehead. "Let's get you something to eat," he smiled and picked up my crutches handing them to me. "Okay, I want to brush my teeth though," I said holding my hand in front of my mouth and he nodded his head and walked out.

"So the game will be on TV tonight if you wanted to watch, just so you know," he smiled as he twirled his pasta around his fork. "Yeah I really should watch and try to understand what's going on," I laughed looking at him, he smiled. We ate the rest of dinner in silence and he changed into his suit after doing the dishes. "So the game will be on FSN, if you wanted to watch. Please keep your foot elevated tonight, I laid everything out for you on the coffee table, and-" "Max," I started laughing at his rambling. "I'll be fine, really. Now what do girlfriends tell their hockey player boyfriends before they leave for games?" I asked as I stood up on the crutches. A huge grin came over his face. "Well, I believe they usually say 'score a goal for me'." I hopped toward him and stood up straight to look him straight in the eye. "Kick someone's ass for me," I smiled as I leaned in and gave him a small kiss. "That I can do," he whispered into my lips and kissed me once more before leaving. I could get use to this.

I laid down on the couch and turned the game on, but my eyes were getting heavy before the game even started. When I woke up the game wasn't on the TV anymore, I grabbed my cellphone to see what time it was, but saw I had a text message from Max. You awake? I decided I wasn't and crept my way into his bedroom where I curled up into his bed.

Max's POV

My face was starting to look like a war zone. I know she said to kick someone's ass, I tried, but ended up having my ass kicked instead. I needed a drink to help with the stinging pain in my jaw and cheek bone. The guys and I headed to the brewery and I suddenly got worried that Lillianah might be awake waiting for me to get home. I sent her a quick text message asking if she was awake, and after ten minutes I didn't get an answer so I figured she was asleep. "Everytime I see you Max, you have a pretty shiner on your face," Brad laughed as he poured me a beer. "I have to keep up an image you know," I laughed and looked up at my jersey above the bar, which now had two paper hearts pinned to it. "Honestly?" I laughed pointing it out to Brad. "Don't look at me, look at your captain over there." I looked over at Crosby who had his hands all over his girl. "Hey asshole, get a room."

Nothing in my mind looked right, something felt wrong in my apartment and I couldn't put my finger on it. I was at the point where I was so drunk, tired and in so much pain that I actually started hallucinating a bit. I stumbled into my bedroom and my eyes weren't fooling me when I saw her sleeping in my bed. Then I realized what felt wrong, what wasn't right, I wasn't in bed with her. I stripped down my clothes, trying to keep my balance while I did so and climbed into the bed next to her. I pulled myself tight to her and started kissing the back of her neck. I could hear her moan but I didn't let up, I kissed down to her shoulder. I found her hand in front of her and linked my fingers together with hers, when she didn't grip back I knew she was fast asleep. I started cursing to myself in French and knew had I of come straight home after the game, she might still have been awake. She would be kissing me back. I felt her thumb rub over my hand and I smiled, "I love you." 

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Lillianah's POV

How does one run away with a broken ankle? I checked out the roads to see where I could run to. My eyes fell back on the massive cast on my leg and I knew I wasn't going anywhere, it was impossible. Max parked in front of my apartment building and quickly helped me out of his car. "Max really, it's just a broken ankle. I can get around fine see," I smiled as I started walking around with the crutches, but one hit a patch of ice and I quickly lost my balance. "I do see," he laughed as he caught me in his arms. "Please Lil, you heard what the doctor said, you can't do anything for a week, you have to stay on the couch." I leaned on my crutches and tried to smile at him but nothing appeared. "Okay," I said just above a whisper and focused all of my energy on the three flights of stairs that I was about to tackle.

I sat on the edge of my bed and pointed around my room to things I would need. I could feel my eyes start to get heavy and realized neither of us had slept yet. "Underwear, top drawer, grab eight pairs of underwear, three bras and eight pairs of socks." "Hmm . . . " I opened my eyes and looked over at him and he was looking at each pair as he pulled them out. I didn't say anything, I was too tired to make some smart ass remark. "My slippers, well the slipper for my right foot, in my closet. Grab my Union Jack sweatshirt," I went off telling him all the things I needed and where they were. I made my way out into the living room and grabbed a bunch of DVD's and my laptop. "Dog toys and dog food," I smiled and he went and collected those too. I sat on the couch and he zipped my suitcase up. "Okay, I'm going to take this down to the car, then I will be back for you," he smiled and headed out the front door.

Spices filled my nose and I peaked my eyes open. Whatever that smell was filling my nose it smelt delicious. I rolled over to look at the clock and saw that it was 7:30 o'clock at night. I rolled the other way and climbed out of bed. I slowly made my way in to the kitchen to see Max cooking up a storm. "Did you sleep good?" he asked as he threw a towel over his shoulder. "I did thank you," I smiled as I sat down at the kitchen table. Within a few minutes a plate filled with chicken fajitas was placed in front of me. It looked so good I dug right in. We ate in silence and after we finished I watched him clean the dishes. He carried me in to the living room and set me down on the couch where we turned on the news. I was capable of walking with my crutches but I think he enjoyed carrying me around his apartment. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and I brought my leg up onto the couch, setting it on a pillow. All of a sudden the topic was bothering me and I knew I needed to ask Max about it. "Max," I whispered and he tilted his head to look at me. "Yeah?" "So do I call you my boyfriend now? Is that what I tell people if they ask?" "Are you taking me up on my offer?" Why must he answer a question with another question! "Yeah, I mean if the offer still stands." "Of course, and I actually already told your neighbor I'm your boyfriend," he laughed. At that moment I could feel my ankle start to throb and all I wanted to do was reach down and squeeze my hands around it, but there was a damn cast there. "Max?" "Yeah?" "I need pain killers," I winced and felt him slide out from behind me and head to the kitchen.

Max's POV

She was terrified, and I was scared that this might make her run off again. She wasn't moving in, she was staying with me while I take care of her. I wouldn't want her home alone at her apartment and have her fall and hurt herself worse, sure she was in a cast, but there's only so much that can do for her. I was terrified myself, she was going to see a lot of me and I still don't know her that well, I don't want anything changing her mind about seeing me. I knew I had to watch myself closely for the next week, there were some bad habits that I needed to break, but it was going to be hell to try and hide those from her, I could only hope and pray for the best.

She fell asleep on the ride back to my apartment and I was starting to get tired myself, I hadn't slept since my afternoon nap the day before. I didn't want to wake her up so I carried her up to my place, she didn't wake up at all, even when I accidentally whacked her cast against the elevator door. I put her in my bed and went and grabbed her things out of my car. Once I was back in my apartment I sat on the couch to watch the news, but my head quickly hit the pillow and I was out. It had been a long night, but it was a night I'm sure I will never forget. My mother always asked if there was a woman out there that could calm me down, turn me to a one woman man. My brother found his wife when he was my age, and he mellowed out after meeting her, was this happening to me now too? After a three hour nap I felt the urge to call my mom, it had been a few days since I last talked to her, and she had yet to find out that I met a girl. After catching up for a few minutes I headed out to the balcony and pulled my hood up over my head to shield my ears from the cold wind. "Mom I met a wonderful woman." "MAXIME! When?!" Dare I lie to my mother and tell her recently? "Two months ago," I couldn't bring myself to do it. "Two months and you are now just telling me. Do you love her?" "Oh wow, I said two months mom, not two years." Now I knew I was in deep with my mom, I knew she was about to start- "You know your father and I got married just six months after we met." Yup, there we go. "That was also thirty years ago." Just like with Lillianah's dog, this was a battle I knew I could never win. I went on to tell her about her breaking her ankle and how she would be staying with me. "So do we get to meet her when we come down for your birthday?" "I don't have birthdays anymore." "MAXIME!" I cut her off before she went into the whole 'I was in labor for five days with you, you will celebrate your damn birthday!' like I heard every year. "Yes mom you will meet her."

After cooking dinner I relaxed on the couch with Lil pulled up close to me. She still smelt like strawberries. Was this her natural aroma? Were the red highlights in her hair like scratch and sniff stickers? Always giving off that smell? "Max." I tilted my head and looked down at her, trying to keep myself from kissing her. "Yeah." "So do I call you my boyfriend now? Is that what I tell people if they ask?" Usually when girls said 'boyfriend' I would laugh it off and try to avoid the topic but with her, to be given that title was an honor. "Are you taking me up on my offer?" "Yeah, I mean if the offer still stands." So it was official, I grabbed a girlfriend. I smiled to myself for about ten minutes when she called out my name once again. My heart sunk a little, was she about to take it back? Was she going to run again? "I need pain killers." I sighed in relief and headed to the kitchen and pulled out her Percocet's. I knew I would only have about another thirty minutes with her before the drugs knocked her out. She swallowed the pill and cuddled back into me. This is what I've been avoiding for so long? A quiet night in with a beautiful woman on my couch. I could feel her body start to get heavy on my shoulder and I knew she was falling asleep, I shifted a bit and slowly laid her head down on my lap. I flipped through the channels while running my fingers through her hair. This is something I could get use to.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Max's POV

Her ankle was probably broken, but it didn't look broken, and she wasn't exactly screaming in pain. I mean she was smiling at me back at my apartment, she can't be in that much pain. As I walked to her door, her neighbor came running out and watched me as I put her key in the door. "Who the hell are you?" he shouted and I could smell the tequila on his breath from where I was standing. "Lil's boyfriend, she hurt her ankle, I'm just picking up some of her stuff." I went to walk inside but he continued to talk. "So your the asshole that took her away from me!" I spun her keys on my finger and then stuffed them into my pocket. She's never had a boyfriend before, at least that's what she told me. "You guys dated?" "No, I tried, trust me. She's a good fuck though, I bet you're enjoying that." I don't know what was holding me back, but I wanted to punch him square in the nose. He continued talking but I blocked him out and made my way into her apartment, locking the door behind me. Her dog, King was jumping all over me, I bent over and petted him and made my way toward her bathroom. I was slowed down a bit as he chomped down on my pants leg and started pulling me back. I wanted to kick him off, but I knew how much she loved this dog, and I held myself back, yet again. Sure he was still a puppy, but he had to be at least forty pounds of pure muscle. I couldn't win that battle.

It was obvious she loved that dog more than anything when she saw me walk through the door and he ran off to lick her hand. "Alright I have your pajamas," I smiled tossing them to her as I lifted the ice off of her ankle. The swelling had gone down, but her whole foot managed to turn black and blue. She swung her legs around, and I grabbed on to her legs by her knees. "No you're not moving, I do not like the way that looks." I slowly placed her legs back up on the couch. "I want to change though." "Um, well . . . I can help you, if that's okay. I don't want you moving your ankle though." "Is it really that bad?" She asked with a smirk on her face. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up so she was now sitting. I took the ice off again and her hands covered her mouth and her eyes got wide. She laid back down and started taking deep breaths. She unbuttoned her pants and started sliding them down her legs. I got them off her right leg and stood back and thought about how I would get them off her left leg. "Okay this might hurt," I warned her as I gathered her jeans around her ankle. I held a firm grip on her calf and then slowly started pulling the jeans off. I looked up at her and she was clinching her eyes shut. Now I'm convinced it's broken. 

Once her jeans were off I couldn't help but look at her body. I've seen her pretty much naked before, but not with sober eyes. "Okay so here's your tank top and pajama bottoms, think you can do the rest?" I asked as I laid the clothes over her hand. She looked up at me and smiled through the obvious pain she was in. "You're suppose to help me, what if I move my ankle?" I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. She sat up and untied her top, which then fell to her lap. She laid back down and started pushing the shorts down. She got them down to mid thigh then looked up at me, but I was frozen. "Max," she laughed and I smiled. I pulled the contraption she wearing all the way down to her ankles, and it was a lot easier to get off, as it was a lot less fabric than her jeans. I looked back up, she wasn't wearing any underwear. There, the girl of my dreams, was lying on my couch completely naked, with a very ugly ankle. I looked down at her ankle, and she even managed to make the bruises look good. I held her tank top up for her to slip into it but she pushed it down. "Come here," she smiled grabbing onto my tie pulling me down to her. She pushed her lips into mine and my hand found her stomach.

She started pulling my clothes off and I quickly found out where this was going, but I had to hold myself back, for the third time tonight. She started taking my belt off, but I stopped her. "Lil, I don't want to hurt your ankle any more than it already is." "It's okay, take me into your bedroom." I looked into her eyes and could tell that she really wanted this. I really wanted it too, I was just scared. I lifted her up into my arms and continued to kiss her as I took her into the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and placed a pillow under her ankle. I finished taking my pants off and went into my bathroom to grab a condom, which I quickly slipped on. I climbed on top of her, being careful of where her ankle was at all times but the next thing I knew, her ankle was right next to my ear. She brought her leg up onto my shoulder to keep it out of the way. "Is that comfortable for you?" I asked and watched as she bit her lip nodding her head. I looked into her eyes and slowly entered her. I slowly started rocking into her, thrusting in and out. I was scared I was going to hurt her. "Max, baby, come on," she moaned trying to thrust herself into me, but wasn't having much luck with the position she was in. Wait, she called me baby? I wrapped my hand around her thigh and started thrusting harder into her. "Oh fuck, that's it right there, come on baby, come on," she continued to moan and I could feel her muscles contracting around my penis. I closed my eyes. How did I get so lucky? She started swaying her pelvis side to side and that was what threw me over the edge. I started rubbing my penis along her clit each time I pulled out, pushing hard on her as I would slide back in. I got quicker and her fingers came down to my penis, forming a 'V' on the outside of her lips, really putting pressure on my penis. This sent us both over the edges as we both climaxed at the same time. She leaned forward biting into my shoulder and I dug my head into her neck moaning her name. 

Lillianah's POV

At the moment he walked through the door with my things and my King, I knew I was falling in love with him. The way he was taking care of me, no one would have ever done for me at all. I snapped myself out of it, is it possible to fall in love so quickly with someone you still barely know? He tossed my clothes at me and I swung my legs around to sit up on the couch, but he quickly pulled my legs back onto the couch. It doesn't feel that bad, so it can't be that bad. He brought me up to look at my foot and I felt like I was going to throw up. That didn't look like my foot, it looked like a foreign object growing on my body. I laid back down on the couch and allowed him to take my jeans off. As he slid them off my left leg the pain in my ankle was now present. He looked at me terrified like he had hurt me, but it was turning me on. Pain was pleasure for me and I wanted him, and I was going to get him. I started to take my romper off, and he gently pulled it off my legs. It was now or never, I had to go for it. I pushed the tank top he was holding up for me out of the way and grabbed on to his tie pulling his lips down on mine.

He was scared and that turned me on even more. It was weird things like that that turned me on. Most women it would be like bright blue eyes and black hair was a turn on, but for me it was his actions, how he didn't want to, but I did. He took me into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed, swiftly placing a pillow under my ankle. He stripped down and disappeared into the bathroom, when he came back out I peaked down and saw he had put a condom on, smart boy. When he crawled on top of me, I lifted my leg up and placed it on his shoulder, that was the only place I knew my ankle wouldn't get hit. He looked deep into my eyes as he entered me and it felt like some outer beings of ourselves connected. He was taking it slow with me and it was pissing me off a bit, he was scared he was going to hurt me, but he wasn't. "Max, baby, come on," I encouraged him as I started thrusting with him. He started hitting the sweet spot and I pointed my toes, which was a mistake, but the combination of the pleasure and the pain was making everything seem euphoric. I knew this was going to be quick and fast, he was taking control of my body and I couldn't slow myself down. When he started pushing his penis against my lips as he would push into me my head flung back and I knew I was getting close. I could feel my right leg start to tremble and I reached down putting pressure on my lips against his penis. We both came at the same time, and as we did I pointed my toes and gripped my fingers into the bedsheets. At that moment I couldn't feel my ankle, I could only feel his skin rubbing against mine. I leaned up and bit into his shoulder as he moaned out my name into my neck. As he pulled out I felt limp and my leg went crashing onto the bed, then the pain in my ankle was once again present. I wiped the sweat off my forehead and looked down to see my chest rising and falling rather quickly. I could see he looked concerned as he was looking down at my ankle. "Max, come here." He looked up at me then back down at my ankle. I kicked him with my good leg and he crawled into bed next to me. I placed my hand on the back of his head and pulled his lips in tight with mine. I had to kiss him, I just had to make sure he wasn't like other guys that would just sleep with me and then disappear. When he started kissing back I knew he wasn't like other guys, that this was real. He pulled away and looked into my eyes, "I need to get you to the hospital. It's broken."

After he helped me shower I looked over at the clock, it was already 5 AM. I felt bad once again. "Do you have practice today?" I asked as I pulled a sweatshirt on over my tank top. "I do, but it's optional, so I think I will skip it," he smiled as he helped me slip into a pair of my sweatpants. He lifted me up into his arms and walked toward the front door. "He won't chew up any of my stuff will he?" He asked looking down at King who was fast asleep on the kitchen floor. "No, he's getting pretty lazy, he'll sleep in til about ten." He carried me down to the lobby of his building and set me down on a couch. "I left my car at the arena last night, I forgot," he somewhat laughed as he dialed a number into his phone. A few minutes later a cab pulled up and Max gently put me in it, laying my legs over his lap. "Thank you for doing this," I smiled as his fingers ran over my bruises. "You don't have to thank me, I would do anything for you." I didn't know what to say, but I felt myself naturally smile. The cab brought us to his car at the arena and from there he took me to the hospital.

"It's broken, but it's looks like you might have distressed it after breaking it because there are a lot of little bone fragments just floating around, were you walking on it?" The doctor asked as he pointed out little white specs in the x-ray. I tried to contain my laughter but it wasn't helping. "She did hit the coffee table with her foot while sitting down on the couch," Max quickly replied and squeezed my hand. "Well I'm going to put you in a cast, but you need to keep it elevated for at least the next week. I can't stress enough that you really need to stay off of it, any slight pressure could be very damaging. Mr. Talbot if you can just make sure she keeps it elevated and stays off of it that will really help." I nodded my head and looked up at Max who was now looking down at me, "looks like I will be baby sitting you the next week. Luckily we don't have any away games until the end of next week, so I'll be your nurse." I shook my head and laughed. They wrapped my leg up and Max tried to convince me to get a yellow cast to support his team, but I went with my favorite color, red. A nurse brought me some crutches and Max and I were out the door by 9:30. "So we'll go to your place, pick up some things and bring them back to mine," he explained as he helped me get into his car. "WHAT?" I looked up at him and I was sure I looked like a deer caught in the head lights. "You have to stay off your foot, and getting around with crutches is a bitch so I think if you stayed with me, just until next week, that will be best for your ankle." He shut the door and I wanted to throw up. Sure he was just going to take care of me because I was an idiot and broke my ankle, but that's like moving in with him, that's not cool. When he crawled into the driver seat I turned and looked at him. "Max really, I will be fine, you don't have to take care of me." "Lil, please. I either stay with you at your place and get you up all those stairs, or I have you stay at my place with an elevator. I don't think your neighbor will like me staying at your place anyways, he's an asshole." OH GREAT! Not only is Max forcing me to stay with him, but he met Aaron?! This is all worse than the ankle itself. 

Friday, January 2, 2009


Max's POV

I wanted to slap myself I was in such a good mood. I was becoming a man! "Does she work tonight?" TK asked as we were lacing up for our morning skate. "Yeah she does, why?" "Sounds like we're going to Diesel. We need to meet her, we have to approve ya know?" He laughed but I didn't find it that funny. After he walked out I sent a quick text message to Lillianah. The guys want to meet you tonight, that cool? I stashed my phone in my locker and waited a few minutes for her reply. "Hey Talbot, get laid last night?" I glared at Tanger, why was it always about sex with these guys? I didn't need to say anything he got the hint. I heard my phone beep and flipped it open. Of course, now I can put names to faces, instead of my stupid nicknames for them. She has nicknames for the guys? Nicknames eh? Why did I add the 'eh' on there? That makes me look so Canadian. Eyelashes, Mr. Miserable, Cutie, Euro, Ring Leader and Too Young. I couldn't help but laugh, now I was going to try and figure out which was which at practice. 

The guys I usually went to the club with were Tanger, TK, Geno, Staalsy and Flower. Euro was Geno, Too Young was Staalsy, those were the obvious ones, but what about the other ones? I could only hope I was 'cutie' but I have a feeling she gave me 'ring leader'. I gave up when a puck hit me in the back of my thigh. "What the hell? How come I've been target practice for the past month?!" I shouted to everyone standing around laughing at me. "That's the only way we can get your attention now a days Talbot, we've been yelling your name since you got out here." Sid laughed as he skated around me. "Oh." 

We went on to lose the game, but I managed to get an assist on the only goal we scored, increasing my point streak to eight games. My eyes were burning, and I really didn't want to take my contacts out, but that's what I needed to do. I hated going to clubs with glasses on, I especially hated having her see me in my glasses, I felt like such a dork. I finished tying my shoes and looked up to see the guys were ready to go. "Crosby, you're coming with?" I asked shocked to see he was also standing there. "Yeah, I need to unwind a bit." "You're girl won't get mad?" He laughed and I looked at him confused, "she's hanging out with my sister, and they pretty much kicked me out for girls night last night." Of course this made the guys erupt into yelling "WHIPPED!" I checked myself over in the mirror and we all headed out.

It had been awhile since we all went to the club after a game and a huge smile came over my face when I saw her dancing up at her station. I stopped in my tracks, she looked smoking hot. I was so use to seeing her in beautiful vintage clothing that it was like a gift to see her in what she was wearing. She made eye contact with me and started laughing. A few seconds later that "crash and burn" song came on, why does she play that every time we show up? I turned around to see Staalsy wave to her and we made our way up to the VIP lounge. The guys settled in the lounge with drinks and I made my way over to her. She turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck while still dancing, I leaned in to give her a kiss but she moved her head. "I can't at work, I'm sorry. My boss will have my head if he saw me kissing anyone," she whispered into my ear and I nodded my head. "Want to meet the guys?" "Yeah, give me about ten minutes and I will be over." She turned back around and I watched as she went through music on her laptop. She flew through the music like it was an extension of her brain, I got lost after a while and headed back to the guys.

Ten minutes later she walked over with a glass filled with pink stuff. "What are you drinking?" I asked laughing as I placed my hand on her lower back. "It's red bull, strawberry flavoring and half and half," she smiled before taking a sip. "Okay before I introduce you, you have to tell me who is who with your nicknames." She started laughing and then pressed her finger into my chest. "Your the ring leader." She pointed to Staalsy, "too young," Geno, "euro," Tanger, "Mr. Miserable," TK, "cutie," and Flower, "eyelashes." She looked around and saw Crosby looking at us, "but him, I've never seen him before." I couldn't help but laugh, she's probably the only person in Pittsburgh who has never seen Sidney Crosby before. I dragged her over to him and that's where we started. 

Lillianah's POV

The guys want to meet you tonight, that cool? I laughed as I read the text message out loud to Alicia. "Wow he wants you to meet his friends, that's pretty big," she smiled. I showed her my response and she nearly spit her coffee out. "That's suppose to be your little thing, your secret nicknames for them." I shrugged my shoulders and continued to laugh. I found the whole situation funny. King barked and started nudging my leg. "What's up buddy?" I looked down at him and started petting his head and then saw another English Bulldog walk by. "Oh are you looking for a girlfriend?" I laughed as he tried to run after the other dog. 

What was I going to wear to work? If I was meeting his friends outside of my work picking out an outfit would have been a lot easier, but I had to wear work clothes. Tangles of fabric was flying everywhere, and I was lost in the mountain of clothes. Part of me wanted to go all out, look sexy for Max, but the other half was holding me back. I didn't want to look slutty for his friends. I came across a white romper and something about it turned me on about Max, the way he would look at me if he saw me wearing it. It was a halter top that was completely backless, the fabric was gathered underneath the breasts then connected to boyshorts. I slipped into it, then pulled on a pair of low waist dark wash jeans. I looked in the mirror and smiled, for once I was getting sexed up for somebody, not because it was required for the job. I slipped into a pair of white stilettos, pulled on my coat and walked out the door. 

I watched as they walked in and the blond that was too young to be in there waved at me, I looked at Max who's mouth was open starring at me. I had accomplished my goal. I started to laugh as I pulled up the Robyn song I played especially for them every time they showed up. I sang the song to myself as I watched them make their way up to the lounge. "Did you tell him you're the kind that never show your ugly side until you're sticking like glue? Shit you even go down on him, though he never does it for you. Time to clear the runway for the . . . stop listen what's that sound? Supersonic spinning round. You don't mind the fall until your face hits the ground. Crash and burn girl," I turned around and saw Max standing behind me, he was wearing his glasses which made me smile. I pulled him into me as I continued to dance to the song. He went to kiss me but that was certain termination of my job, so I turned my head at the last minute and his lips met my cheek. 

Max introduced me to his friends, and I was a little sad to now know their real names, but I decided I would still call them by my nicknames to myself. Sidney, Marc-Andre, Tyler, Kris, Jordan and Evgeni. I needed a nickname for this Sidney character though, he kept to himself most of the night, hidden underneath his beanie. It would come to me with time. I really wanted to get to know his friends a little bit better so we all decided to head down to the diner after I got off. 

"If you had gone blocker side you would have scored!" I felt so out of place, I had no idea what these guys were talking about. "I did go blocker side you ass, he stuffed me," Max laughed and I tried to laugh with him, but that wasn't a very funny joke. "Ready to go? I will walk you home," he whispered into my ear and I nodded my head, I was exhausted and I could hear my bed screaming my name. We all piled out of the diner and everyone said goodnight to me. Max and I started walking toward my apartment and I had to keep myself from closing my eyes I was so tired. "They can be overwhelming sometimes," he laughed as he snuck his hand into mine. "They were cool, loud, but cool." We walked in front of Max's apartment building and I told him I could make the three block walk home alone, and that I would be fine. "No, I insist really. It's super late and the crazies are out, I will sleep better knowing you got home safe," he smiled and I gave in allowing him to walk me home. Just as we crossed the street I slipped on some ice and fell awkwardly on my foot. "Holy crap that hurt!" I shouted and I was now wide awake. Max knelt down and held my foot in his hand. I could feel my heartbeat in my ankle and any slight movement was sending shocks of pain up my leg. "That doesn't look good, it's already swelling." He lifted me up in his arms and turned around, heading back toward his apartment. "Max, it's fine, just call me a cab." "No you need to get ice on that right away, I would walk you all the way to your place, but I'm right here." I gave in and wrapped my arms around his neck, digging my head into his neck. Once in his apartment he laid me down on his couch and headed into the kitchen to get some ice. As he placed the ice on my ankle I felt bad. I felt bad that Max was taking care of me, and that King was home alone yet again. "If it's still swollen in the morning I will take you to the hospital to get x-rays just to make sure it's not broken." "Morning? I need to go home though, shouldn't the swelling be gone in like a hour?" I hated the look he had on his face, he looked like he was the one that got hurt. "I can't leave King home alone again," I smiled and his distressed look on his face lifted. "I can go get him, bring him here." "You would do that?" I smiled up at him and he nodded his head. I pulled my keys out of my purse and handed them to him. "Can you grab some other stuff for me too then?" He nodded his head and I went on to tell him where my essentials and clothes were. If I had to go to the hospital I didn't want to do it in my work clothes. How embarrassing.