Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Lillianah's POV

Please come over tonight around 6. I shot a quick text message to Alicia and when she said okay I was relieved and told her where Max lived. The whole day had been a weird one. Max was gone when I woke up, I was up for awhile before falling asleep on the couch. When I woke up he was asleep in the bedroom, then he cooked a very early dinner, we ate together, he kissed me and left for the game. That was it. I was in desperate need of Alicia's advice and I could only hope that she could help me. Six o'clock rolled around and there was a knock on the door. I hobbled over to the door and unlocked it opening it for Alicia. "Hey hop-a-long," she smiled pulling me into a hug. "Wow nice place," she smiled as she walked in looking around, "needs some color though." "Tell me about it, my eyes go all weird on me when I watch TV, the color is powerful," I laughed as I looked around at the black, grey and white interior of Max's apartment.

Alicia sat down in the leather recliner and I curled up on the couch with my foot up on a pillow. "So how are things going here?" Alicia asked with some caution in her voice. "He said those three words you know scare the shit out of me. I think he thought I was asleep, but still, he whispered it into my ear," I threw my arms up into the arm with frustration. "Lil, calm the fuck down." I looked over at Alicia with wide eyes. "I'm stuck in this apartment and he tells me he loves me, that quick! I can't be around him anymore, everything was going good, and then reality sunk in. Love? Are you kidding me?" Alicia rolled her eyes before she got up and headed to the kitchen. "It's going to be a long night, where does he keep the booze?" I turned around to see her opening all the cabinets. "Liquor cabinet, down below to your right."

Kahlua, peppermint schnapps, vodka, Coke, milk and some ice cream. Ladies and Gentleman I present one fucked up float. Alicia kept them coming, she knew that once I had enough alcohol in my system I would spit out my true feelings. Another frozen glass was put in my hand as we watched the Penguins game. "I mean look at him, how does that not turn you on? The uniform, the black eye, what's under that uniform," I smiled as the camera had zoomed in on him. "So you slept with him?" "Oh yeah," I threw a huge smile at her. "When was this and when were you planning on telling me?" I took a sip of my shake and looked back at her. "The night I broke my ankle. He brought me back here, then he went to my place and brought King over with some of my things. Let me tell you he was amazing, ah-may-zing! Weird, but amazing." Alicia laughed a little bit, "how was it weird?" "Well when he slid in, he was looking me straight in the eyes, no guy does that. When a guy enters you he's looking at your boobs, or looking down at his dick, or burying his head in the pillow. Never does a man look you in the eyes when he enters you!" Alicia choked back on her water a little bit and then looked over at me where I was slowly sipping on my shake. "Men do do that Lil. A man that loves that woman does that." I sat there and thought about it. I started shaking my head no, I disagreed. I am unlovable how can he love me? "Lil, do you love him?" I took another slow sip of my shake and looked at her. "I don't know if I love him, but I am in love with him. I am in love with everything about him, but I don't know if I love him as a whole or not."

The next time I looked over at the TV the local news was on, it was just after 11 o'clock. I heard a key in the door and looked over at Alicia with a wide smile. We listened as the front door swung open, gently closed shut and footsteps coming our way. "Hi Lil, oh hey Alicia." "Hi Max." He leaned down and gave me a kiss and I was instantly confused. "Wait, how do you two . . ." "How do you think he got your parent's address for the tickets?" Alicia asked laughing. "Oh wow, I never even questioned that. You're sneaky," I smiled up at Max tugging on his tie a bit bringing his lips down to mine. "What are you ladies drinking?" he asked laughing as I heard the bottles in the kitchen clink around. "It's called a 'fucked up float', and that's exactly what it does to you," I laughed before finishing off the one I was holding in my hand. "I'm going to head out, I will talk to you later Lil. Nice seeing you again Max." We said our goodbyes and she quickly slipped out the door. "I hope it's okay that she came over and that we attacked your liquor," I smiled as he sat down on the couch next to me, once again lying my leg on his lap. "That's totally okay, I can only imagine you're going crazy being cooped up in here."

"Hey, sitting like this sucks, can you come sit behind me?" I asked slowly saying each word to make it sound like I was somewhat sober. He looked over at me and smiled. He got up, placed the pillow under my foot, I sat up and he sat behind me. I scooted back a little bit so when I laid down my head was resting on the arm rest, with my back over his legs. "That's so much better, I like having you close," I smiled up at him. "This isn't close enough though." He reached over and started throwing the back cushions to the couch off. He sat me up and laid down between the back of the couch and me, I rolled over so I was facing him, and he wrapped his arm around my waist. I could feel my eye lids getting heavy but I started kissing him anyways.

Max's POV

"Talbot baby, you never came over yesterday, that's an excellent sign," Flower laughed as I walked into the locker room. "Yeah she looked very confused yesterday when I got back. I kissed her and she cried. Not like full on crying, but I saw a tear creep down. What the hell is that about?" I sat down at my locker and looked around, nothing was making sense to me. "Well from that I can say she heard you the other night, and she probably feels the same way, she's just fighting it." I can only hope she feels the same way.

When I headed back to the apartment Lillianah was fast asleep on the couch and I didn't want to bother her. As much as I wanted to wake her up and kiss her before I took my nap, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I cooked my usual pasta and we ate in silence and I kissed her before I left. On my drive to the arena I couldn't stop thinking about her. She wasn't pushing me away, but something was up, I could tell. I knew what I needed to do, but I didn't want to do that, and that was back off a little bit.

We lost the game, and I ended my point streak. I sat in my stall thinking of what changed in my routine today, but I had to keep reminding myself I wasn't superstitious. I'm no Crosby or Malkin either, all good things come to an end. "Talbot, we're heading to the brewery, you coming?" I looked up at Crosby who had TK, Tanger, Geno and Staalsy behind him. I could really use a beer, but then I thought about the night when I didn't go straight home, when she was already asleep. "No, I think I'm going to head home," I replied as I stood up and grabbed my bag. "Hey, nice streak you had there, don't worry about it, tonight was just one game," Flower said as I walked by him and Vero. I smiled and then proceeded to knock on the wood bench behind me. "You're not superstitious my ass," Whit laughed as he walked by.

As I walked into my apartment I could hear giggling coming from the living room and I smiled to myself knowing she was still awake. I walked in and was a little shocked to see Alicia there. Lillianah didn't tell me she would be over. I leaned over the back of the couch and gave her a kiss, she smelt like an assortment of alcohol. This must have been a girl talk they just had. I looked over at Alicia and she looked sober, wide awake, and she was holding a glass of water. Clever. I walked into the kitchen and saw three empty bottles, an empty Coke bottle and an empty milk carton. "It's called a 'fucked up float', and that's exactly what it does to you," Lillianah shouted laughing. Those bottles were brand new, she has to be trashed right now! I turned around to see Alicia leaving. "Hey did she drink all that by herself?" I asked her as I walked her to the door. "I had two glasses a few hours ago, but the rest has been all her. She's not trashed, just drunk," she laughed before leaving. I sat on the couch, with her feet on my lap and I could see her starring at me. "Hey, sitting like this sucks, can you come sit behind me?" she asked and I looked over at her and smiled. I knew something was on her mind. I rested her leg on a pillow and sat down behind her and she laid down on my lap. "That's so much better, I like having you close." All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around her, but I couldn't with the position we were in. I started throwing the cushions off, and slid down to lie down next to her, wrapping my arms around her. "Max baby, can I tell you something that's bothering me," she said between the kisses she was giving me. "Yeah," I whispered before she bit into my lip. I moaned in pain, biting her back a little. "I don't know if I love you, and I heard you the other night. So I just want you to know I don't know if I love you back." I froze, wow I feel like an idiot. She pushed me back and laid down on top of me, still kissing me. "But," she started and I opened my eyes to see she had a smile on her face. She opened her eyes for a moment and then kissed me on the nose, "I'll get there." Liquid courage, we're more alike than I originally thought. Just hearing that, knowing she wasn't giving up on me, not yet, made me happy. I slid my hands up the back of her shirt and continued to kiss her. I'm happy I came straight home. 


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I just caught up with your story and I love it.
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