Friday, January 2, 2009


Max's POV

I wanted to slap myself I was in such a good mood. I was becoming a man! "Does she work tonight?" TK asked as we were lacing up for our morning skate. "Yeah she does, why?" "Sounds like we're going to Diesel. We need to meet her, we have to approve ya know?" He laughed but I didn't find it that funny. After he walked out I sent a quick text message to Lillianah. The guys want to meet you tonight, that cool? I stashed my phone in my locker and waited a few minutes for her reply. "Hey Talbot, get laid last night?" I glared at Tanger, why was it always about sex with these guys? I didn't need to say anything he got the hint. I heard my phone beep and flipped it open. Of course, now I can put names to faces, instead of my stupid nicknames for them. She has nicknames for the guys? Nicknames eh? Why did I add the 'eh' on there? That makes me look so Canadian. Eyelashes, Mr. Miserable, Cutie, Euro, Ring Leader and Too Young. I couldn't help but laugh, now I was going to try and figure out which was which at practice. 

The guys I usually went to the club with were Tanger, TK, Geno, Staalsy and Flower. Euro was Geno, Too Young was Staalsy, those were the obvious ones, but what about the other ones? I could only hope I was 'cutie' but I have a feeling she gave me 'ring leader'. I gave up when a puck hit me in the back of my thigh. "What the hell? How come I've been target practice for the past month?!" I shouted to everyone standing around laughing at me. "That's the only way we can get your attention now a days Talbot, we've been yelling your name since you got out here." Sid laughed as he skated around me. "Oh." 

We went on to lose the game, but I managed to get an assist on the only goal we scored, increasing my point streak to eight games. My eyes were burning, and I really didn't want to take my contacts out, but that's what I needed to do. I hated going to clubs with glasses on, I especially hated having her see me in my glasses, I felt like such a dork. I finished tying my shoes and looked up to see the guys were ready to go. "Crosby, you're coming with?" I asked shocked to see he was also standing there. "Yeah, I need to unwind a bit." "You're girl won't get mad?" He laughed and I looked at him confused, "she's hanging out with my sister, and they pretty much kicked me out for girls night last night." Of course this made the guys erupt into yelling "WHIPPED!" I checked myself over in the mirror and we all headed out.

It had been awhile since we all went to the club after a game and a huge smile came over my face when I saw her dancing up at her station. I stopped in my tracks, she looked smoking hot. I was so use to seeing her in beautiful vintage clothing that it was like a gift to see her in what she was wearing. She made eye contact with me and started laughing. A few seconds later that "crash and burn" song came on, why does she play that every time we show up? I turned around to see Staalsy wave to her and we made our way up to the VIP lounge. The guys settled in the lounge with drinks and I made my way over to her. She turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck while still dancing, I leaned in to give her a kiss but she moved her head. "I can't at work, I'm sorry. My boss will have my head if he saw me kissing anyone," she whispered into my ear and I nodded my head. "Want to meet the guys?" "Yeah, give me about ten minutes and I will be over." She turned back around and I watched as she went through music on her laptop. She flew through the music like it was an extension of her brain, I got lost after a while and headed back to the guys.

Ten minutes later she walked over with a glass filled with pink stuff. "What are you drinking?" I asked laughing as I placed my hand on her lower back. "It's red bull, strawberry flavoring and half and half," she smiled before taking a sip. "Okay before I introduce you, you have to tell me who is who with your nicknames." She started laughing and then pressed her finger into my chest. "Your the ring leader." She pointed to Staalsy, "too young," Geno, "euro," Tanger, "Mr. Miserable," TK, "cutie," and Flower, "eyelashes." She looked around and saw Crosby looking at us, "but him, I've never seen him before." I couldn't help but laugh, she's probably the only person in Pittsburgh who has never seen Sidney Crosby before. I dragged her over to him and that's where we started. 

Lillianah's POV

The guys want to meet you tonight, that cool? I laughed as I read the text message out loud to Alicia. "Wow he wants you to meet his friends, that's pretty big," she smiled. I showed her my response and she nearly spit her coffee out. "That's suppose to be your little thing, your secret nicknames for them." I shrugged my shoulders and continued to laugh. I found the whole situation funny. King barked and started nudging my leg. "What's up buddy?" I looked down at him and started petting his head and then saw another English Bulldog walk by. "Oh are you looking for a girlfriend?" I laughed as he tried to run after the other dog. 

What was I going to wear to work? If I was meeting his friends outside of my work picking out an outfit would have been a lot easier, but I had to wear work clothes. Tangles of fabric was flying everywhere, and I was lost in the mountain of clothes. Part of me wanted to go all out, look sexy for Max, but the other half was holding me back. I didn't want to look slutty for his friends. I came across a white romper and something about it turned me on about Max, the way he would look at me if he saw me wearing it. It was a halter top that was completely backless, the fabric was gathered underneath the breasts then connected to boyshorts. I slipped into it, then pulled on a pair of low waist dark wash jeans. I looked in the mirror and smiled, for once I was getting sexed up for somebody, not because it was required for the job. I slipped into a pair of white stilettos, pulled on my coat and walked out the door. 

I watched as they walked in and the blond that was too young to be in there waved at me, I looked at Max who's mouth was open starring at me. I had accomplished my goal. I started to laugh as I pulled up the Robyn song I played especially for them every time they showed up. I sang the song to myself as I watched them make their way up to the lounge. "Did you tell him you're the kind that never show your ugly side until you're sticking like glue? Shit you even go down on him, though he never does it for you. Time to clear the runway for the . . . stop listen what's that sound? Supersonic spinning round. You don't mind the fall until your face hits the ground. Crash and burn girl," I turned around and saw Max standing behind me, he was wearing his glasses which made me smile. I pulled him into me as I continued to dance to the song. He went to kiss me but that was certain termination of my job, so I turned my head at the last minute and his lips met my cheek. 

Max introduced me to his friends, and I was a little sad to now know their real names, but I decided I would still call them by my nicknames to myself. Sidney, Marc-Andre, Tyler, Kris, Jordan and Evgeni. I needed a nickname for this Sidney character though, he kept to himself most of the night, hidden underneath his beanie. It would come to me with time. I really wanted to get to know his friends a little bit better so we all decided to head down to the diner after I got off. 

"If you had gone blocker side you would have scored!" I felt so out of place, I had no idea what these guys were talking about. "I did go blocker side you ass, he stuffed me," Max laughed and I tried to laugh with him, but that wasn't a very funny joke. "Ready to go? I will walk you home," he whispered into my ear and I nodded my head, I was exhausted and I could hear my bed screaming my name. We all piled out of the diner and everyone said goodnight to me. Max and I started walking toward my apartment and I had to keep myself from closing my eyes I was so tired. "They can be overwhelming sometimes," he laughed as he snuck his hand into mine. "They were cool, loud, but cool." We walked in front of Max's apartment building and I told him I could make the three block walk home alone, and that I would be fine. "No, I insist really. It's super late and the crazies are out, I will sleep better knowing you got home safe," he smiled and I gave in allowing him to walk me home. Just as we crossed the street I slipped on some ice and fell awkwardly on my foot. "Holy crap that hurt!" I shouted and I was now wide awake. Max knelt down and held my foot in his hand. I could feel my heartbeat in my ankle and any slight movement was sending shocks of pain up my leg. "That doesn't look good, it's already swelling." He lifted me up in his arms and turned around, heading back toward his apartment. "Max, it's fine, just call me a cab." "No you need to get ice on that right away, I would walk you all the way to your place, but I'm right here." I gave in and wrapped my arms around his neck, digging my head into his neck. Once in his apartment he laid me down on his couch and headed into the kitchen to get some ice. As he placed the ice on my ankle I felt bad. I felt bad that Max was taking care of me, and that King was home alone yet again. "If it's still swollen in the morning I will take you to the hospital to get x-rays just to make sure it's not broken." "Morning? I need to go home though, shouldn't the swelling be gone in like a hour?" I hated the look he had on his face, he looked like he was the one that got hurt. "I can't leave King home alone again," I smiled and his distressed look on his face lifted. "I can go get him, bring him here." "You would do that?" I smiled up at him and he nodded his head. I pulled my keys out of my purse and handed them to him. "Can you grab some other stuff for me too then?" He nodded his head and I went on to tell him where my essentials and clothes were. If I had to go to the hospital I didn't want to do it in my work clothes. How embarrassing. 


Val/stovgirl said...

I love this story! I love that Max is sweet to her and she lets him be that way...more soon, please!

Lauren said...

I absolutely adore this story!

I love that he went to get King for her - I'm a firm believer in "love me, love my dog"