Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I just wanted to thank everyone for the awesome words of encouragement. I won't lie this past week has been hell for me. I managed to pick fights with everyone I know, even a friend of mine who lives on the east coast. Pathetic, I know! But hey, I have been smoke free for a little over a week now and the mood swings have calmed down, now I'm just trying to get myself back into the swing of things, so I might neglect this story a bit, but not too much. Here's a short update, just a bridge to take you into the next part of the story. Thank you again for all of the kind words, they sure did help!

Max's POV

The honeymoon was over. All of her things were back in her suitcase and I took it down to my car. I took a few deep breaths as I put her suitcase in the trunk. I headed back upstairs and found her sitting on the couch looking down at her nails. "Ready?" I asked and she looked up at me, her eyes looked very red. "Yeah," she smiled and got up on her crutches. She walked up to me and set her chin down on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into me, hearing each crutch hit the floor as her arms tightened around my neck. "Thank you for everything Max. I have to admit, this was a lot better than sitting at home alone all week," she whispered into my ear before giving me a small kiss on the lips and pulled away. "No problem," I smiled as I bent over and grabbed her crutches for her. 

"Hey! She's back!" I heard someone shout as I followed Lillianah up the stairs to her apartment. "Hi Aaron," I heard her huff and peaked over her shoulder to see her neighbor standing at the top of the stairs. "I see you brought your boyfriend," he smirked looking straight at me. What the hell was this guys problem? "Oh yeah, Max, this is Aaron, Aaron this is my boyfriend Max. I believe you two already met in passing though." Aaron just gave me that look, that 'who the fuck do you think you are' look as he helped Lillianah up the last few steps. "You going to be alright getting around your apartment?" he asked and she nodded her head before turning around to smile at me. "I got Max, I'll be good." Hell yeah fool, take that! We walked into her apartment and I locked the door behind me, I didn't trust that guy. "What's his deal?" I asked as I sat down next to her on the couch. "He wanted to take me to dinner when I got back from Phillie and I told him no I'm seeing someone and it just seems like he's very jealous now." She shrugged it off and that's when I knew I had nothing to worry about.

It was weird walking into an empty apartment. No dog barking, no beautiful lady asleep on the couch. Just my cold apartment, it was weird. I found myself bored, not knowing what to do. I would call her and see if she wanted to hang out, but she just left after spending a week in my apartment, why would she want to see me again so soon? I knew she was excited about heading to work later in the day, I would go, but I want her to have a little bit of her own time. I hoped in the shower and stood under the hot water until my toes turned to raisins, which I automatically regretted as my feet itch when I stepped out of the shower. What to do? I dragged my feet across the carpet and plopped down on the my couch. I heard my phone go off and looked to see it was a text message from Crosby. Beer? 20 minutes? Ah, Sid saves the day yet again.

Lillianah's POV

I didn't want to leave, I couldn't believe it. Just a week ago I was freaking out about coming to his place, now here I sit not wanting to leave. I felt like such a three year old who had to leave Disneyland. I knew this week was just a preview for us, a preview for a movie. It was the type of movie that you really couldn't tell if it was going to be awesome or not, you just had to go through with it and see it. I sat on the couch and felt a few tears quickly fall from my eyes. Crying? Really? I heard Max walk up and ask if I was ready. I took a deep breath and told him I was with a smile.

My boss had made it easy for me to return to work, which was nice. I couldn't wait to get back to work. He was even allowing me to go lazy with the wardrobe. I pulled on some sweatpants and a tight tank top, pulled my hair up into a high pony tail, and slipped into a gold hooded zip up sweatshirt. I made my way downstairs and climbed into the back of a cab. I waddled into the club on my crutches to a wave of hello's and hugs. I stood there for a few minutes just staring down the stairs. It was hard enough going down the three flights at my apartment building, I was already exhausted from those, I needed to save my energy for my walk back up. How was I going to get up stairs? "You know there's a service elevator," Steven the bartender laughed as he watched me staring at the stairs. "Oh yeah good idea," I laughed as I hobbled to the back of the club to the service elevator. I ran my fingers over my the turn tables, I had missed them so much. Everything was lowered a bit and a stool was set in the middle of the floor, making everything easily accessible to me. "Packed house tonight Lil, you ready to rock it?" Steven shouted up to me. "When do I not rock it?!"

I was feeling experimental, my time away from my music was damaging to my head. I didn't play any playlists, everything was mixed together by me. Just as I was mixing "Keeps Gettin' Better" by Christina Aguilera in with a Robin Thicke song I felt a strong glare on my right shoulder coming from the VIP lounge. I turned to see a very good looking twenty-something, possibly even a thirty-something sitting on a couch just watching me. Shaggy hair hidden underneath a hat, skater shoes untied, pure black sunglasses and tight jeans along with a tight shirt and black zip up hoodie. Like I would with any other guy watching me, I motioned for him to come talk to me. He quickly approached me and I stood up on one leg to look at him. "You know it's already dark in here, you some big shot wearing sunglasses in here?" I smirked as he leaned across the railing next to my table. "I like what you do," he smiled at me, lowering his glasses just a bit to reveal piercing blue eyes. "I do what I do, you should see me when I have two legs to dance on," I laughed as I turned back around and mixed in a few more songs. "Name's Kevin Rudolf, I want to work with you. Here's my CD, and my number, please give me a call. I'm only in Pittsburgh for another five days." He handed over a CD and his card. Where in the world was he stashing the CD? His clothes were so tight, he must have been a magician. I smiled and set them down on the table. He leaned forward and left a lingering kiss on my cheek. "Call, it will be the best thing that has ever happened to you."


Anonymous said...

EEEE. Kevin Rudolph is a hottie. Just saying.

I just found this story and I read the whole thing. && I love it.

Good luck with the quitting smoking!! I did it a couple months ago and it worked for me.

More soon, hopefully.

Aeryn said...

Hmmmm... muy interesante. I can't wait to see where this is going. And I was not expecting her to tear up whe she was leaving Max's apartment. Great chapter, keeping me guessing

Good luck with the quitting smoking, Keep it up ;)

Lauren said...

awww I love that after all that fussing, she didn't want to leave Max's...I wouldn't want to, either!

I'm very interested to see where this thing with Kevin leads...more when you can, please!

Katie said...

Ohh I'm totally excited to see whats going to happen with Kevin.
Update soon! + good luck with quitting smoking:)

mer said...

i hear it gets easier :)

stay strong and the people who love you will forgive you for what happens in the short-term because I'm sure they'd rather see you healthy :)

Val/stovgirl said...

awesome chapter, and I love that they missed each other - interesting turn of events, can't wait for more...

glad to hear it is a little easier this week for you, keep it up girl, it is worth it in the long run!

qfd said...

please, how do I get you to post your stories on our hockey fan fic site, I love it!!

KD said...

I just got all caught up. I completely love your story!
Can't wait for the next update. :)