Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Lillianah's POV

Was it possible to stay in a drug induced coma until my week at Max's was over? I knew he was drunk last night, I could smell it, but that's no excuse. You don't just toss those words out there. I know how he is, I am the same way, we don't believe in telling people that. What was he thinking?! I hobbled my way into the living room and laid down on the couch, resting my cast on a pillow. I looked at the coffee table and saw my pill bottle, I wasn't in pain, but it was tempting just to take one so I could sleep the day away. When I heard him walking into the living room I closed my eyes and acted like I was sleeping. I felt him walk around the couch, lift my legs up, sit down and rested my legs on his lap. I felt his hand rub up and down my right leg and I shifted a little bit, acting like I was waking up. I sat up and held my head in my hands, I suddenly got a bad headache. "You okay?" he asked as I felt his hand go to my back. "Yeah, I just have a headache, no big deal it will go away," I replied not moving my hands from my head. I laid back down and covered my eyes with my arm. "Need anything?" "No, I'm fine. I'm use to these." I felt his hand go back to my leg, lightly rubbing up and down. After awhile my headache was gone and I sat up to look at Max, I just needed to look at him. "I told you to beat someone up, not get beat up," I laughed as I examined his fresh black eye. "I tried, he was a big guy." He laughed before he leaned over and kissed me. My fingers went tingly, and that electric shock was present. I smiled at him after he pulled away and I laid back down, terrified.

All I wanted to do was go to work, get out of this apartment, get away from Max for a night, I needed to clear my mind. I was on the verge of freaking out, or worse having a mental breakdown. I don't even want to think about what he whispered in my ear last night, but it's standing out like a sore thumb in my head. All thoughts that I was falling in love with him were washed away, it came all too real last night, and I'm not liking the person I am turning in to. I live a certain lifestyle, and that's what I'm comfortable with, I'm never one to take risks. I could only hope that Max would understand.

The door creaked open and I sat up on the couch to see Max walk in. "How was practice?" I asked and he sighed before throwing his bag in the closet next to the front door. "I've had better, just happy to be home" he mumbled as he sat down next to me and brought my leg up on to his lap. "Elevated," he smiled pointing to my cast. Do I bring it up? How do I tell him I want out? I looked down at the coffee table and reached for my pain pills. I needed to talk to Alicia first, make sure I wasn't going crazy.

Max's POV

I might have fucked up. I wanted to stab my own throat with a fork when I woke up. The only thing I could hope for was that she didn't hear me. I needed to talk to Flower, he knows women better than anyone, I only admit that to myself though. I parked my car at Southpointe and headed in. "I need to talk to you when we get a chance," I told Flower as the rest of the guys piled into the locker room. "You fucked up, what did you do!?" He asked pulling his head out of his bag. "Flower, later, please," I pleaded and everyone that was watching me was now getting ready for practice. I sat in my stall in my gear starring down at my skates, what did I do!? "Come on Talbot!" Crosby snapped at me and I started pulling my skates on. I skated out onto the ice and immediately was hit by a dozen pucks. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" I yelled throwing my arms up to cover my face. "Talk Max, now," Flower demanded as we all skated around the rink to warm up. It must have looked like a pack of ants running together from the stands, everyone stayed close to listen to me talk. "Went home drunk last night, she was asleep, or atleast I HOPE she was sleeping, and I kind of said . . ." I couldn't bring myself to say it. I continued to skate and looked around me to see the guys had stopped, just in front of the bench. "You told her YOU LOVE HER?!" I hung my head and skated over to them before Coach snapped at us to continue warming up.

The once silent locker room erupted into laughter. "I don't find this funny. She woke up this morning and went to the living room, and not three minutes later she was fast asleep on the couch. She was pretending to be asleep so she wouldn't have to talk to me! Then when she 'woke up' she had a 'headache'. What the hell?" I was getting frustrated, I was running her away. "Are you scared she's going to run?" Flower asked as he sat down next to me. "No she will run, that's the thing. If she did hear me I wouldn't be shocked to go home to an empty apartment in about twenty minutes." I started throwing my things into my bag with frustration. "So if she's gone, I should expect you at my house fifteen minutes later?" I laughed a bit but he was right. "Yeah, so have the Jack ready." "I hope I don't see your ugly mug til the morning skate tomorrow, but door is always open for you, Vero is use to it now." I laughed at Flower and collected my things and headed out.

A few silent prayers went through my head as I rode the elevator up to my apartment. I spun my keys around on my finger as I walked down the hall. I slowly opened the door and kept my eyes closed, I heard the TV and then I heard her, "how was practice?" I had never been so relieved before in my life when I walked over to her on the couch. I sat down next to her and brought her leg up onto my lap. Something was bothering her, I could tell and my heart sank. "You okay?" I asked with a nervous laugh. She looked over at me with uncertainty in her eyes. "Yeah I'm fine just a little loopy," she half smiled at me and I found my face inching closer to hers. I stopped myself when I could feel her breath on my mouth. She leaned in and her lips met mine. I kept my eyes open as I kissed her, slowly sucking on her top lip. I felt her suck my bottom lip in response then I saw a single tear fall from her eye. She brought her hands up to the sides of my face and I quickly got lost in the kiss, closing my eyes. Does she love me too? What's going on? I pushed the thoughts out of my mind and continued kissing her, I wanted to enjoy this moment, not have it clouded with doubts.

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Lauren said...

aww poor Max...and Lily must be going crazy trying to figure out what to do...more soon, please!

And I love the interaction between Max and Marc...too cute!