Sunday, December 21, 2008



The looks the guys were giving me weren't bothering me one bit, in fact, I just ignored them. Was I falling? Hell yeah I was, and I wasn't scared to admit it . . . to myself. The guys were picking up on it though. "Talbot, what's wrong with you? Did you finally get laid last night?" Flower asked leaning across the aisle. "No, not yet," was all I could muster out before putting my earphones in. I wanted to sleep on the flight to Colorado, and I wanted to dream about her. Her black wavy hair, red highlights, green eyes, legs for miles, it was the exact image I was hoping for before falling asleep. Then I felt water roll down my forehead. "What the hell Geno?" "You smile while sleep?" I shrugged it off and turned to my side, leaning up against the window. 

A snap of the wrist and the puck found the back of the net. "Yeah boys!!" I yelled as I was attacked by my linemates. My fourth goal in just two games, I knew it was going to be an amazing road trip. "I like you so much better when you're in love," Sidney yelled to me and I could have sworn his voice cracked a bit. Is the kid still going through puberty? Wait did he just say I was in love? I face washed him with my glove and skated over to the bench. "Bout time you got your grove back Stella," TK said to me as I sat down on the bench next to him. I was on a natural high, I love this game!

We won both of our games in Denver and in San Jose, next up was LA. I was looking forward to spending the few free hours we had before the game that night on the beach, getting a nice change in climate for a few hours. TK, Geno and I headed out after a quick team lunch and their eyes were going from one girl to the next. Usually I was the one wrangling up a few for us to party with, but not today. My mind was on her. I squished the sand in my toes and watched Geno's sad attempts of trying to pick up a girl. Back in Pittsburgh if he did this, he'd have ten girls easy, but out here in LA, they're all beautiful and not a single one knows who he is. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and hesitated at first. What do I say to her? Well it's probably snowing, so I can make her jealous a bit. Just to get her thinking about me a little bit longer than she would with anyone else that sent her a typical 'how are you doing?' text message. Just thought I'd let you know it's 75 degrees and sunny here in LA. It didn't bother me when I didn't get a response, I figured she was probably working or getting ready for work.

Patrick O'Sullivan and his toothless smile. If he had any teeth, I would knock the rest of them out. I broke my stick as I headed back to the locker room. I was pissed off. Did I have to smear my blood on the ref for him to see O'Sullivan should have gotten a double minor for smacking me in the face with his stick?! I sat on the bed and took a deep breath. I somehow found pleasure in getting stitches without being numb. Feeling the suture pull through the skin, it sent sensations through my body that I enjoyed. Six stitches later I found myself back on the bench with the boys.

My black eye was now complete with the stitches underneath, would this be a turn on for her? I had Flower snap a picture of my eye in the elevator and quickly sent it to her. We got off on our floor and started walking toward our rooms, just as I inserting my key my phone went off. The boys stopped in the hall and turned and looked at me. "Well what did she say? Say you're ugly, bout time someone does!" TK laughed walking up to me. I opened my phone and my mouth dropped. Those legs, oh wow. "Well?" Flower asked raising his eyebrows at me. "I can't show you," I smiled closing my phone, only to have it snatched out of my hands from behind me. "Damnit Crosby." He flipped my phone open and TK, Flower and Tanger gathered around him. "Holy shit!" All I could do was smile. I grabbed my phone and finally opened my door. "See ya in the morning boys."

That night was the best sleep I ever had. I knew the minute I got back to Pittsburgh I would finally face my fears and make things happen with her. I had six days to come up with a plan. Being away from her would help think of something, but I only feared the minute I saw her I would once again, turn to stone. I was in new territory, and it was irritating. She's intoxicating, and when I get too much of her, my vision gets all blurry, I can't move like I normal can, my words slur and I'm pretty much in a damn coma. Six more days.


Lauren said...

I loved this chapter! I love how nervous he gets just thinking about her! More soon please!

Ellen said...

haha, this chapter was so funny. please update soon :)

Kelcey said...

Loved it!!!