Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Lillianah's POV

I couldn't believe I had asked him to join me for breakfast, I almost didn't want to go. I dragged myself out of my apartment at an ungodly hour and headed down to the restaurant. He was leaning against a parking meter when I walked up. "Hi," I smiled and he opened the door for me. We sat at a table toward the back and he wasted no time to start the conversation. "I thought you were going to stand me up," he laughed looking through the menu. "To be honest, I almost did. I don't know why I invited you to breakfast." I could feel him look up at me from his menu but I didn't dare look up, I just kept my eyes on the menu. I did have to admit to myself that he had a cute French accent, a very subtle one. The minute my coffee showed up I wanted to down the whole cup I was so tired, but I knew it would only upset my stomach if I drank coffee that fast.

"So you're a DJ?" I looked at him and smiled a bit. "Yeah, I've been at Diesel for six months now, before that I did it just for fun." It went silent again and I couldn't tell if he was nervous or regretted meeting me. "So you play hockey?" His head perked up a bit from his coffee. "Oh yeah, you know I'm lucky. I'm living my dream, part of my dream anyways." That ridiculous smile was back on his face and it was distracting. "Part of your dream?" "Yeah, there are still some aspects of my life that I have yet to fulfill, but I'm working on it." I could only wonder what he meant, but I already asked him once, I didn't want to ask him again. He went on to ask about my tattoos and I showed them to him, all but my back, I didn't feel like taking my shirt off for him, just not yet anyways.

At some point during the breakfast I agreed to go to one of his games. How that happened, I had no idea. I was kind of angry with myself to be letting in so easily to this guy. At that point I really wanted to leave, but he made talking seem so easy. As the bill came, I reached for it but he quickly snatched it up and pulled out his credit card. "If you're not doing anything later, you should give me a call, I was just planning on hanging out at my place, maybe watch a few movies," he smiled as we walked out the door. "I don't get a whole lot of days off, but I will keep that in mind." I waved goodbye and headed back to my apartment where I was planning on getting a few more hours of sleep.

Max's POV

"Chances of snow throughout the day, reaching the low teens tonight." I reached over and hit my alarm clock. Seven in the morning, I had one hour to get ready and head to the restaurant to meet Lillianah for breakfast, I was excited. Excited? No, nervous. She scares the crap out of me. I probably put too much thought into what I was wearing, but I had a feeling she was the type of girl that doesn't notice what people wear and judge them on it. I headed out and got to the restaurant right at 8 AM, she was no where in sight. 8:10, 8:15, and then finally at 8:20 she came walking down the street. She looked beautiful as always. When she told me she didn't know why she invited me to breakfast I didn't think anything of it. If any other girl said that to me, I would be pissed off, but not her. She's a witch, I'm telling ya.

She looked like a pin-up girl, with a bandanna wrapped around her hair. I couldn't help but notice the tattoo that started behind her ear and wrapped around to the back of her neck. "What's that tattoo on your neck?" She turned her body to give me a better view. "It's a head dress." It was beautiful and didn't look gaudy. Feathers reaching up around her neck, I could only wonder if she had more. "Do you have any others?" I didn't mean to ask, it just came out. She slipped a sleeve of her sweater off and showed me her shoulder which had an old looking camera on it with a Victorian type designed wrapped all the way around it, taking up her whole shoulder. Next she pulled up her pant leg and displayed a Koi fish on her foot. "I also have wings on my back, but I can't really show you here," she laughed sliding her sweater back on. "I would love to see it sometime." "I'm sure you will at some point."

I paid the bill and went on to invite her to my place later in the day to watch movies. I still felt like a 12 year old, but at least I sounded like a 16 year old. I should have asked her to go out for drinks, not to watch a movie. I felt like an idiot. She waved to me before leaving and I stood there like stone yet again. What the hell was happening to me? I couldn't dare ask for advice from the guys. You kidding me? Maxime Talbot asking for girl advice? Hell would have to freeze over for that to happen. I headed back to my apartment, and took a nice long hot shower. Only hoping that she would call later asking for directions to my place.


Kelcey said...

Love your story!! Max is so cute!! Please update soone!

Lexie said...

Awwh! I love this story already!

Post more soon! :)