Monday, December 15, 2008


Lillianah's POV

I walked through downtown Pittsburgh with King in tow, my year old English Bulldog. I met my friend Alicia in front of a Starbucks and handed her my money for my usual Americano. I sat down at a table outside, setting my phone on the table and started petting King, the perfect gentleman for me. "Usually girls call me when I give them my number," a voice directed toward me said as I looked up to see that ring leader from the club a few days ago. "Oh I think I lost it," I smiled before looking down at King who was trying to get my attention. I looked back up to see he was holding my cell phone. "Bold move there buddy." "Just programming my number in your phone, so you can't lose it. It's under Max. Don't be shy," he smiled handing me my phone as Alicia walked out. She looked from me to Max confused and sat down at the table across from me. "Enjoy your day," he grinned before walking away. "What was that about?" Alicia asked sipping on her tea. "He comes to the club a lot, and he gave me his number the other night. I never planned on calling it. I guess he's a hockey player or something." "Oh jock, those are no good. Are you looking for a boyfriend, or are you still sleeping with Aaron?" I laughed a little bit, "Aaron is fun, and I don't need a boyfriend. I have King. I want to get another tattoo, when can you fit me in?" I quickly changed the subject, I didn't want to talk about this Max guy anymore. Alicia was my tattoo artist turned best friend, which was very convenient for me.

I sat in the chair pondering what I wanted. I looked down at my foot and bit my bottom lip. "We really should finish it," Alicia laughed as she saw me gazing at my foot in pain. "I know, it just hurts like a bitch," I took a deep breath, "alright, let's do it." I threw my leg up on the chair next to me and leaned my head back and took a few more deep breaths preparing myself for the pain that was about to occur. "You should call him." "What?" I flung my head forward looking down at her. "I know he's a jock and all, but he could be a lot of fun, and if you're not looking for something serious, maybe he isn't either. I'm just saying it could be fun, he was pretty hot," Alicia laughed digging into my foot with the needle. I didn't say anything else, I tried to put my mind in a place where there was no pain, and no men. Soon I didn't feel the pain and the noise of the tattoo gun put me asleep.

I peeled my eyes open and looked down at my foot which was now covered with a beautiful koi fish. "Your a champ Lil," Alicia laughed as she walked over to me. "One minute you were tensing up, biting your lip and the next your sleeping. I had to stop to make sure you didn't faint." "Can we start planning my next one now?" I asked laughing still looking down at my foot. "Do you know what you want?" "No, but I had a dream I had one along my rib cage, going from my hip up to my boob, no color, black and white, simply yet stunning," I smiled looking up at her. "I can make a hockey stick look stunning." "Oh give it up Alicia. I better get going, I'm working tonight, come by if you want. Thanks babe!" I smiled and walked out.

The bottom drawer of my dresser was my work clothes drawer. I knew I couldn't wear any real shoes due to the tattoo, I had to wear flip flops, so I really wanted to make it a casual day. Maybe a pair of boyfriend jeans and a tight concert t-shirt. Still sexy so that it met the club's requirements yet comfortable. I took a quick look in the mirror and walked out, only to run into Aaron. "Hey, do you think you can get me on the VIP list tonight? My buddy and I are going to try and come down." "Yeah, I can do that. Just the two of you?" "Yeah, we're heading to the Pens game," he said and I looked up at him and smiled, nodding my head before walking in the opposite direction as him to work. Hockey game tonight? Does that mean the ring leader will be there?

I walked into the club and immediately put Aaron plus one on the VIP list, I did a quick scan of the list to see if there was a Max on it, and there wasn't. It was a little bit of a relief. I walked up to my booth and set up my stuff before heading back down to the bar. I usually showed up around eight, unpack all of my things then wander around a bit until the clock hits 9:30, then I really crank the music out. I hung out behind the bar, nursing a beer planning my next outfit out in my head. I was really into British hip hop at the time, and I really wanted to get my hair braided into cornrows. I was in an odd ghetto mood. When the crowd was starting to thicken and I overheard that the Pens won the game, I headed up to my booth and started spinning some tunes.

My mood was definitely coming out in my music selections as every fifth song was British rap. The Streets, Lady Soverign, Ms. Dynamite and Dizzee Rascal. I danced to myself in my booth spinning the tracks when I felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned around to see Max watching me with a big grin. This guy just won't give up will he? I turned back around and shook my ass for him a bit before searching through my music for a song just for him. Oh Britney Spears, she never fails me.

"Superstar, where you from, how's it going? I know you, gotta clue what you're doing. You can play brand new to all the other chicks out here, but I know what you are, what you are baby." I turned around to face him and he had that huge grin on his face. I danced, never breaking my eye contact with him. I mouthed the lyrics to him, "you got me going, you're oh so charming, but I can't do it, you womanizer." I motioned for him to come dance with me, but nothing, he stayed where he was. Oh well, he lost his chance. I turned back around and continued to mix the music.

Max's POV

Hat, no hat? I couldn't make up my mind. No hat. I grabbed my keys and made my way out the door. Had she called? No, but I wasn't expecting her to call. I drove down the street and made my usual stop at Starbucks for my Americano. "I ordered this iced," a chick next to me shouted over to the barista. "Actually, I believe that is mine," I smiled to her before taking the drink just as the same thing came up, but iced. "Oh, sorry." I walked out the door and saw a beautiful English Bulldog, wait that's her. That's Lillianah. Do I run? Do I talk? "Usually girls call me when I give them my number." "Oh I lost it." Wow. She's really not interested in me. She looked back down to her dog and I noticed a cell phone on the table. I picked it up and immediately cursed to myself for doing so, but I went ahead and programmed my number into her phone, as well as sending my phone a blank text message so I now had her number as well. "Bold move there buddy."

Something felt off when I showed up at the arena, it looked like something was missing out of my stall. "Talbot, has she called you?" I looked up from my stall and saw Sid walk through the doors. "Ran into her today, programmed my number in her phone and got her number in the process. Only a matter of time, it will happen. Is there something missing from my stall?" I looked back at it and it just didn't feel right. "No, but your gloves aren't facing forward." Oh great, tonight is not going to be a good night. I quickly grabbed my gloves, rotating them so that they were now facing forward. Being a hockey player comes with superstitions, I'm not nearly as bad as some of the other guys though, especially this Crosby guy who is now laughing at me.

Yet another pass flew over my stick and I chased after it, but the Canadiens turned it into a odd man rush, luckily Flower stopped the shot. I needed to get off the ice, I wasn't focused. "Damnit Talbot, what the fuck? That was the perfect pass!" I looked down at Miroslav who's eyes were looking straight through me. I sat down on the bench and turned my attention out onto the ice. "This is not the place nor time to be thinking about that girl Talbot," Sid said to me as we watched the Canadiens get called for a hooking minor. I didn't say anything, I just took the water and sprayed my face off. I needed to get back into the game. Late in the third period we were still tied two goals a piece. I was sent out on the power play with a little over a minute left. Sid took a wrist shot on Price and I was there to toss the reflection into the back of the net. So much for me not being focused.

"Talbot, we're heading to Flower's house, you coming?" TK shouted to me as I sat in my stall in silence. "No, I'm heading home," I replied getting up and grabbing the rest of my things before heading for the door. Sid stopped me before I left, "hey, nice goal. Good job getting back into the game." "Thanks kid," I smiled before heading out, only to be greeted by snow. I signed a few autographs and headed to my car. I started to head home but I needed to see her. I made a quick u-turn and headed to Diesel, the least that could happen is me going home alone, but I was use to it at that point.

She looked amazing, as usual. Baggy jeans, flip flops and a Joe Cocker tshirt that was rolled up exposing her perfect stomach. British hip hop was filling the club, and I was loving it. Dizzee Rascal is constantly being played on my iPod. I took a seat in the lounge and overheard two guys next to me talking about her. "She's fucking amazing in bed man, and I love that it's no strings attached." No strings attached? She is me!! I'm never going to get this girl. They continued to talk about her, but I ignored it, got up and walked over to her.

Her body moved so smoothly, her smile was to die for and I knew she was teasing me. She started dancing a little bit more as some Britney Spears song started playing, she turned around and starred into my eyes. I froze, with a big goofy smile on my face. She continued to dance, mouthing the words to the song to me. She was calling me a womanizer. She pulled her finger up telling me to go dance with her, I went to take a step forward but my foot felt like it weighed over a thousand pounds. She really did turn me to stone. She turned around and I knew I missed my opportunity.

My apartment was cold and empty, and I hated it. Black, grey and white interior, it was the perfect bachelor pad, but I still hated it. I stripped down to my boxers and sat on the edge of my bed looking out the windows. I knew I needed to change my life, that I needed to slow down a bit, I just didn't know how. I'd been talked to plenty of times about my image outside the rink and that I just needed to tone it down, maybe it was time for me to find a girlfriend, an actual girlfriend. I heard my phone beeping on the nightstand and I grabbed it to see I had a text message from her. I've never been turned down to dance before, what's your story? Does this mean she wants to talk? Before I could even think of a response she sent one for me. Breakfast, eight am, De Luca's on the Strip. I looked over at the clock, it was already 2 AM, so I climbed into bed, set my alarm for 7 AM and tried not to think about anything.


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