Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Lillianah's POV

If I had my things with me I would have gone straight to the train station instead of my parents, but I couldn't. I was dreading what my mother and sister would have to say about me not going home the night before. Max and I said goodbye with a simple kiss and I promised him I would turn my phone back on. I really wanted to call him my boyfriend, but I couldn't. A lot of people are scared of simple things, needles, heights, spiders, but for me, it was the word boyfriend and the whole concept behind it. It's a fear that I was hoping I could take care of, and hopefully Max could help me get over. As the cab pulled up in front of my parents house I went to pay but the driver told me the man I was with already paid for it. I could only laugh. Just as I climbed out of the cab I looked up at the front door and both my mom and sister were standing there with huge grins on their faces. "What are you looking at?" I smiled as I walked passed them and went straight for the coffee. "Did you sleep with him?" I looked at my mom shocked, did she honestly just ask me that? "No I didn't, we slept in separate beds. We're going to try this whole dating thing I think." My sister started laughing, she just didn't understand. She doesn't know me that well.

It was nice seeing my mom and sister again, but it was time for me to go back to my life in Pittsburgh. I desperately needed to sit down with Alicia and tell her about everything that had happened. The very next morning my mom drove me to the train station. "I would like it if you came to visit more often Lily. It was nice seeing you again," she smiled as she walked me inside. "I'll try mom, thanks for everything this week." I pulled her into a hug and then made my way to the deck to board the train. I boarded the train, got comfy in my seat and tried to fall asleep. I was very anxious to get home, to see my dog and to talk to Alicia. As I watched Pennsylvania fly by out the window I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. It was a text message from Max. I would like to take you out on a date when I get back, will you let me do that? A smiled crept over my face and I replied yes to him.

My suitcase felt ten pounds heavier than it was when I left, so hauling it up the stairs to my apartment was a pain in the ass. "Here, let me get that," I heard laughter from behind me then the weight of the suitcase was taken off my arm. "Thanks Aaron." We made it up the stairs and I unlocked my door and he followed me in. "Where'd you disappear to?" "Went to my parents, had to get out of the city for awhile," I explained to him as I started the coffee in the kitchen. "So hey I was wondering if you would like to come to dinner with me sometime this week?" Was he asking me out? What was this about? He hasn't been getting laid, that's what this is about! "That'd be nice, but I'm going to be busy all week." I smiled at him hoping he wouldn't be mad. "You DID get a boyfriend! I knew it." I was always straight forward with Aaron, so there was no need to start beating around the bush now. "Yes, I just started seeing someone, sorry I didn't tell you before." That felt so weird for me to say, but it also felt awesome. 

Max's POV

She smelt like strawberries, and that made me smile. I pulled her into me and gave her a small kiss on the lips. I watched as the taxi pulled away and I held my fingers to my mouth, hoping the feeling of her lips on mine would last until I saw her again. I headed back in to the hotel and headed up to my room. Just as I was about to open my door the guys came running out of their rooms and into mine. "Well how did it go?" Flower asked as everyone stopped to see both beds were messed up. "Well she slept there, and I slept here, and she's giving me a chance. So it went good," I smiled. "Good night for you. Hat trick, girl of your-" "Hey, hey! Geno! Don't go jinxing anything!!" I walked toward the bathroom and knocked on the wood side table as I did so. I'm not superstitious, not at all.

I felt like I was some what back to my old self, taking money from my teammates on the flight to DC. Three years I've been taking their money in friendly poker games, and they just haven't learned yet. It was a quick flight to DC and when we landed I sent Lillianah a quick text message asking if I could take her out on a date. I really wanted to take things slow with her and I knew the perfect place for our first date. When she replied yes I was pumped. This felt like that one time in sixth grade I asked the cutest seventh grader out and she said yes, but I'm hoping things between Lillianah and I go smoother than that, I hope she isn't violent. I didn't talk to girls for a whole year after that, because I thought that's what girls did, I thought they punched you square in the nose. That's how they tell you they like you, right? 

The guys thought it would be funny to torment me on the flight back to Pittsburgh after we put Alexander Ovechkin in his place, the penalty box. "Nice point streak you got going on there Talbot," Pas smiled leaning across the aisle to me. I cringed hoping that there was a piece of wood somewhere on the plane, there had to be, and my fist had to knock on it. "Thanks," I mumbled as I got up and made my way to the back of the plane. Sure enough right next to the bathroom was a strip of wood, nice mahogany wood. I looked around, to make sure no one was watching before knocking on it. Why do the guys insist on trying to jinx me, it's not cool. I started to make my way back up to the front of the plane when I heard music coming from somebody's iPod they had connected to speakers. All at once a few heads turned and looked at me and Tanger and Flower broke out into song. "Cause I'm your lady!!! And you are my man, whenever you reach for me I'll do all that I can. Lost in how I'm feeling lying in your arms, when the world outside is to much to take, that all ends when I'm with you!" They all started laughing at I shot glares at Tanger and Flower. "I am proud of my French-Canadian heritage and you do this?! You murder a Celine Dion song?! It makes me sick to think you two are also French-Canadian, such a disgrace." I sat back down in my seat and couldn't help but laugh at myself along with the rest of the guys. "One more thing, how come you guys never hounded Crosby like this when he met his girl?" I looked around for an answer and Crosby's head popped up, "it's because you were the one doing this crap to me Talbot, did you forget?" Oh yeah, I guess I forgot all the times I sent him fake love horoscope to his phone every hour for a few weeks. 


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