Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Lillianah's POV

The waiting game was getting old and I knew my power wasn't going to be on anytime soon. It was one of the worst winter storms Pittsburgh had seen in many years. My apartment was starting to get cold and I knew I was abandoned in the city. It was Christmas Eve, everyone fled Pittsburgh a few days ago. I went out on a limb and sent a text message to the one person I thought might still be in Pittsburgh. Are you still in the city? I headed into my bedroom and pulled out my blankets. I heard my phone beep and I read his message. Yes, and my power is out, can I come over? I smiled to myself. I actually smiled. Was this going to turn into the modern day baby boom? My power is out too, maybe we can keep each other warm.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door. I swung the door open and was greeted by Max with a few bottles of wine in his arms. "Alcohol keeps you warm," he smiled as he walked in. I know of a few other ways to keep warm. He set his bag down on my kitchen table and pulled out about a dozen candles, which I was thankful for. The three candles I owned were not keeping my apartment nice and bright. "Alcohol and candles usually don't mix very well," I laughed as I lit one, setting it down next to the sink. I looked over at him and he had an eyebrow raised and a devilish smile. Was tonight finally going to be the night?

Candles and empty wine bottles surrounded us on the floor. A rare genuine smile was plastered on my face and I knew it was from the mass amout of wine I had just consumed. "We should play strip poker," he laughed falling back onto a mound of pillows. "It's freezing in here and you want to take clothes off?" He didn't reply, just laughed. He sat up and grabbed my deck of cards off the coffee table and started shuffling. That smile was back on his face, and I couldn't resist. "Okay hold on, I have to pee." I headed into my bedroom with a candle and stripped down. I slipped into new black lace underwear and a black bra that was completely see through. This was unlike me, but all of these ideas were popping into my head of what I could do to him. I then tossed on two layers of clothes and met him with a smile.

Three hands into the game he was missing his coat, button-up shirt and socks. "I'll have you naked in no time," I winked at him as he dealt the cards. I spoke too soon, damnit! One hand after another, pj bottoms, sweatshirt, boxers, socks and earrings. He said the earrings didn't count but I didn't care. I sat there in my underwear, bra and tank top holding pocket queens. He laid down the flop, a two, a ten and a queen. The game was turning my direction and I knew I had him pinned with a three of a kind. Then came a three, and then finally an ace. Smiles came over both of our faces as we laid down our cards at the same time. What the hell? He laid down pocket aces, making it a three of kind, beating my cards. "Tank top," he smiled and I stood up and pulled my tank top off. "What is that?" he shouted jumping up grabbing me by my hips. "When did you get this?" He turned me with his hands so he was now looking at the tattoo straight on. "Uh, two weeks ago, it's still healing so be gentle," I winced as I felt his fingers roll over my ribs. "So while I was in California, it's beautiful, and uh, oh wow." His eyes went up my body, then back down. My fingers ran along the bottom of his white t-shirt and I grabbed on and gently lifted his shirt up over his head. "That's cheating," he smiled as we inched closer together. "My house, my rules."

Max's POV

Christmas was a time to be spent with family and friends, yet this year I wasn't in the spirit. I wanted to take the time and heal my sore 84 year old body, drink wine and watch movies. I was two for three in my efforts, I was relaxed and the wine was flowing. As for the movies, you kind of need electricity to watch them. The snow and temperature was falling quickly, but there was only so much I could do to keep warm. Within minutes I found myself walking to Lily's place so we could keep each other warm.

A lot of things about her came out after a few glasses of wine. I was liking her more and more by the minute and I just wanted to taste her lips. "We should play strip poker." I fell back onto the pillows behind me and laughed nervously, I couldn't believe I just suggested to play strip poker. "It's freezing in here and you want to take clothes off?" Well yeah, that's the whole point. I sat back up and grabbed a deck of cards. I could tell she was seriously thinking about it, and I was becoming very, very nervous. She went to the bathroom and came back out and I dealt the cards. The first three hands, I kept the cards to myself, allowing her to win. Off went my jacket, collar shirt and socks. She was getting cocky so I didn't hold back any longer, and I really wanted to see her underwear. I won the next hand and she slipped out of her pj bottoms and I was slightly disappointed to see a pair of boxers. Then went the sweatshirt, socks and the boxers. Sexy black lace underwear that was about to throw me off my game. I won the next hand and was anxious to see if her bra matched, but then she started taking her earrings off. "No, article of clothing! Earrings don't count," I pouted. "We never really did determine the rules before we started."

I held pocket aces in my hand, and I felt like allowing her to win this hand, she was nearly naked, and I was still dressed, I wanted it to be fair. I looked over at her and she was smiling down at her cards. She was holding something good, maybe I shouldn't back down. We laid down our cards, my three of kind beat her three of a kind and I told her to take the tank top off. As she lifted it over her head a tattoo that I had never seen before somehow appeared on the side of her body. "What is that?!" I gentle ran my fingers over her skin and could tell it was a brand new tattoo. It was a very French looking tattoo and I was in love with it. My eyes lingered up to her breasts, her face, then back down and before I knew it she was pulling my shirt off.

My legs almost went out from underneath me as our lips crashed on each other. I felt like I had been electrocuted as my skin became very sensitive to her touch and the tips of my fingers were tingling. I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, sliding the straps down her arms. She took my glasses off and set them down on the coffee table. Just from the apartment being so cold, her nipples were already hard and I could feel them push into my chest. My stomach flipped upside down as I felt her fingers run through my hair. Never in my life have I felt so out of touch with the world when I've been with a woman. I felt her tongue dart in and out of my mouth as she dragged me into the bedroom, throwing me onto the bed. She stood above me and began to unbuckle my belt, then dragged my pants down to the ground. She climbed on top of me and slowly began kissing me from my mouth down to my nipples. I've been waiting for this for a long time. "Lily," I moaned. She stopped what she was doing and looked me straight in the eye. "Don't call me Lily, if anything, call me Lil. My mother calls me Lily." I felt her lips once again on my skin. "Lil, stop." She continued. I grabbed onto her shoulders and lifted her off of me. "I don't want to sleep with you." What?! What did I just say? "I want you to be more than just a lay, I want you to be my girlfriend." Max Talbot did you just use the 'G' word?

Lillianah's POV

Gir-girlfr . . .  GIRLFRIEND!?


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