Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Thank you guys for your continued words of encouragement and support. This is all I have to say... boys are 80 times worse when it comes to gossip than girls are. IT'S AWFUL! Oh my word!! 
Shout-out to Meli, you rock girl! Thank you!

okay I'll shut up now... here's the next installment. =)

Lillianah’s POV

With every free moment Max had, he was packing, either at his apartment or at mine. We both decided we wouldn’t stay at the house until everything was moved and we were settled in. It was going to be nice having the house when our parents came, we wouldn’t have to force them in to hotels. “Okay we’re heading out!” Will shouted from the living room. I jumped up from sitting in the closet, sorting out shoes, and ran straight in to Frank’s arms. “I’m going to miss you guys!” I mumbled in to his shoulder as his grip around me tightened. I slowly released from him and jumped at Will. “You guys are welcomed any time,” I smiled as I pulled away from Will to catch Max rolling his eyes. “Twice a year, that’s the rule,” Max laughed as he hugged his brothers and then opened the apartment door. “Have a safe drive!” I called out after them as they walked down the hall. They sent one last wave our way and I wrapped my arms around Max’s waist. “I love your family,” I smiled as we walked back in to the apartment. “We’re different,” he laughed. “It’s a breath of fresh air. They’re not uptight like my family.” “Speaking of which, do you think your parents are going to get along with mine?” I stood there and thought about it for a minute as I tucked my head in to his chest. “They’re polar opposites, but I think they will. I hope they will.” “Especially if they become in-laws.” I didn’t reply to that comment, I didn’t know how. “Let’s pack, eh?” I looked up and smiled at him, placing a kiss on his lips. “Eh?! Are you Canadian all of a sudden?” “I’m not Canadian, but I’ve had Canadian in me.” “FRENCH-Canadian!” “Sorry, French-Canadian.” I smiled and kissed him again before walking back to the bedroom where I resumed my position in the closet going through all of our shoes.

I watched Max head out the front door to leave for practice, and I had an agenda to pack as much as humanly possible while he was gone. I knew having the night off was going to help with my cause. I yawned to myself and looked around the apartment, wondering where to start. That’s when I got the itch. I’d start in the bathroom. I headed in and grabbed my makeup bag underneath the sink. I zipped it open and pulled apart the top lid, pulling out the plastic bag filled with my white substance that would put me in super human mode for a hour or two while Max was gone. I grabbed the tiny spoon inside the lid and scoop up a small amount and snorted it through my nose. I stuffed everything back in my makeup bag and stashed it back under the sink. I sniffed a few times and turned on the sink, cupping some water in my hand and drank it. I made sure there was no evidence left behind in the bathroom and within minutes I was full of energy and ready to pack. I managed to pack away everything in the kitchen, wrapping all of the glassware and such in the bubble wrap Max had brought home. I heard the door open behind me, and glanced up at the clock, shocked to see two hours had passed by. I still felt on a high, and was a little suspicious considering I never had a high last longer than a hour or two. “Wow, you got a lot packed away,” Max smiled as he walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “I’m excited,” I smiled before nipping at his bottom lip. “Bedroom?” He didn’t have to ask twice as I grabbed on to his shirt and pulled him with me in to the bare bedroom.

With our chests quickly rising and falling next to each other, I felt Max grab my hand and lace on fingers together. That was new, holding hands after sex. I liked it. “Is it just me, or has the sex been amazing lately?” He asked slowly between breathes. “It has been, our connection is getting stronger,” I laughed as I rolled over and wrapped my arm around his midsection, kissing his shoulder. “Well hey, since it’s only noon, how about we start taking stuff over to the house? Get this show on the road,” he suggested and I smiled in to his shoulder. “We’re going to stuff boxes in your BMW?” “I have Flower’s SUV, and it’s only a few blocks away, so we can make a bunch of trips easy that way.” I nodded my head and watched him crawl out of bed, grabbing his boxers off the head board and stepping in to them. “Are you coming?” He asked with a grin. “Once I know I can stand up and not fall over from wobbly legs, I’ll get up.” “Damn Lil, you sure do know all the right things to make me feel like a sex god.” I laughed and slowly sat up on the bed. “You are a sex god Maxime. That’s all you’re good for,” I teased and continued to watch him get dressed. “Speaking of ‘that’s all your good for’, you taught my brothers how to make your s’mores!?” “Is that all I’m good for?” I asked laughing as I jumped out of bed and had to steady myself on my sea legs. “Among other things,” he smiled at me. “I taught them because they have kids, you’re suppose to make these s’mores for others enjoyment, not your own.” “So you’ll teach me when we have kids?” I looked at him shocked, and then shock quickly washed over his face as well. He was confusing me over this whole ‘kids’ ordeal we always seemed to throw ourselves in to. And it was so confusing because he wants marriage and I want kids. Maybe it was time for us to realize we want both. “What?” I spat out as I pulled my underwear on. “I’ve been thinking, with my brothers here and all, I want the whole thing.” I couldn’t hide the smile that appeared on my face. I ducked my head down and nodded as I snapped my bra on and then pulled on my red jeans. “Do you want kids?” He asked me and I laughed. “I do, you know that.” “Well I mean, with me?” I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Would you still love me if I was as big as a house?” He crawled out from my grip and grabbed a pillow off the bed, quickly stuffing it under my tank top. He took a step back and looked at me. “Yeah, yeah I would.”

I looked around our new kitchen and began unpacking the boxes Max was bringing to me. I heard a loud thud behind me and turned around to see King claim his spot in front of the refrigerator, which was his favorite place in the whole house. “At this pace, we’ll be all moved in by the end of the week,” Max smiled at me from across the island as he dropped another box. “We have to go buy beds though before our parents get here, because just thinking about them sleeping in one of our beds just seems disgusting. Just think when you’re their age, visiting our kids, sleeping in one of their beds, knowing they’ve had sex in it.” I scrunched my nose up. “Um, no. My kids will never have sex. Ever.” I laughed at the seriousness of his voice. “The Talbot charm ends with you?” “Girls, we’ll have girls. And they are going to look like you, so I will have to have a gun collection.” I smiled at him and walked around the counter to wrap my arms around his shoulders. “Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been together for forever now? Moving in to this beautiful house, discussing guns. It’s crazy what we’ve gone through.” He kissed me on the lips and lifted me up, setting me down on the counter. “I know just think, four months ago you were ignoring me.” I slapped his arm, but before I could say anything he kissed me, mimicking the intensity and nerves of our first kiss. Chills running up and down my spine, my breathe caught in my throat, my stomach churning. It felt wonderful to know those side effects of him were still there.

Max’s POV

No one could wipe off the shit eating grin off of my face as I walked in to the locker room for morning skate. Not even the terrible European techno music that filled the small space where we all gathered. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Flower asked as he sat down next to me. “We’ve broken in almost every room in the whole damn house.” He looked at me with wide eyes, “every room?” “Almost, we still have the garage, deck, foyer and the guest bathroom.” He simply shook his head and stood up from his spot on the bench. “So things are good?” “Never been better, sex gets better every time too. It’s crazy. I come home and it’s like when I’m gone she is in Wonder Woman mode and packs up a crap load, then we go at it.” “Too much Red Bull,” Sid chimed in as he sat down in his stall next to mine. I shrugged my shoulders, I don’t care what she was doing, but if she kept doing it to me, I’d be okay. I’d be more than okay. “You don’t have sea legs do you?” Sid asked. “If anything my legs are stronger, I am one happy guy right now. You have no idea. Everything in my life is going in the right direction. I never knew I could be so happy with one girl.” “Okay shut up already, you’re freaking me out.” Once we were out on the ice, things started hitting me like pucks up side my head. I was growing up. This is what growing up felt like. A house. A girl. A future. “What the fuck!” I yelled as a puck nailed me right in the lower back. “You too easy Talbo!” Geno laughed standing next to Sid. I rolled my eyes and skated away.

I walked in to the apartment to the wonderful aroma of something in the kitchen. I walked in further to see Lillianah standing over the stove with her hair being held up with a red bandanna like a pin up girl. The look on her that I loved the most. I walked up to her and kissed her between her shoulder blades, causing her to jump. “Fuck Talbot!” She shouted as she turned around and manage to throw a strand of spaghetti on me. I took the tongs out of her hand and placed them on the counter behind her. “Tomorrow we will be 100% moved in.” She smiled, getting her breathing under control. “I know. I’m very excited. Mom and Dad are excited too. I can’t believe they’ll be here on Friday!” She leaned forward and kissed me, trailing her lip along my bottom lip. “Come to my game tonight.” She took a deep breath and looked down at her feet. “I have to work tonight, at nine. I would have to leave the game after the first period. Don’t waste a ticket on me.” I stick out my bottom lip as far as it can go before she lunged forward and clamped her teeth down on it. King barked down at our feet and we both pulled away to look down at him. “Finally, he’s on my side,” I laughed as I kiss Lillianah one last time before disappearing into the bathroom. I pulled my contact case out of the drawer in the bathroom and set it down on top of the sink. I saw the bottle of baby powder in the corner and always wondered what she used it for. I saw some powder on the counter and wiped it off with my hand. As I went to take my first contact out, some baby powder must have gone in my eye from my hand and immediately began to burn. “Fuck Lil!” I shouted as I quickly turned the shower on, and stuck my head under the running water. “What’s wrong?” She asked as she stepped inside of the bathroom. “I got baby powder in my eye!” After running water over my eyes for a minute or two I turned the water off and I felt a towel wrap around my face. I took the towel out of her hands and now had the worst task ahead of me, pulling the contacts out now. “Babe, can you please clean up so this doesn’t happen again,” I groaned after drying my face and making sure no more baby powder was on my hands. “Sorry, I guess I was in a rush.”

A few hours and a bottle of Visine later I arrived at the arena and immediately got looks from everyone I walked past. “Talbot, what the fuck is wrong with your eye?” I looked up to see Dan standing in front of me. “I got something in it earlier. It fucking itches like crazy.” “You can’t play like that.” My head shot up from rubbing my eye. “What?!” “Max, you can’t play if you can’t see. I’m not going to risk having your head cut off out there. Go see the trainer.” Fucking baby powder! I wanted to yell at him that it was only baby powder, but the more I rubbed my eye, the worse it got. I walked in to the trainers room and sat down on the table waiting patiently for someone to come look at me. “Max what did you eat?” I looked over my shoulder to see Chris walking my way. “The same food I eat every game day.” “If I didn’t know any better I would say you’re having an allergic reaction to something. Stop rubbing your eye, it’s probably making it worse.” He held up his finger to tell me to hold on a second and he disappeared through the swinging doors. As soon as he was out of sight I rubbed the crap out of my eye. I’m sure at this point it was beyond blood shot. I heard the doors swing open and Doc walked through with his black leather bag. “What happened?” he asked as he set his bag down on the table next to me and pulled out some gloves, and then an EpiPen. “I got baby powder in my eye.” “Baby powder wouldn’t do that to you. It would irritate your eyes, but not cause a reaction like this. Do you want me to go through your pants, or do you want to take them off first?” I stood up and dropped my pants, quickly sitting down as he jammed the needle in to my thigh. Instantly I felt my heart beat against my chest. I felt woozy, almost like I was going to pass out. “Max? You okay?” Doc asked and I shook my head, feeling myself sway, and the only thing I could feel was the pounding in my chest. “I need to you take a few deep breaths, try and calm down.” I did as he was told and I felt my heart fall back in to place, but I still felt woozy. “Alright, no more epi for you.”

I couldn’t tell you who won or lost the game, or even how I ended up in my bed. I heard the television in the living room and crawled out of bed to go see who was in my apartment. “Talbot, you should be in bed, you’ve had an interesting night,” Flower stated as he saw me stumble around the couch. I went to sit down but saw Sid taking up the whole couch. I walked over to the recliner and fell back in to it. “What time is it?” I asked looking around but everything almost seemed like a blur. “A little past one. We won by the way, six to two. You’ve been asleep since about six or so.” “What happened?” I saw Sid’s head fall to the side and realized he was awake, “you had an allergic reaction to something, and then the EpiPen gave you a crazy reaction. You ended up falling asleep in the trainers room, Chris stayed in there with you. We brought you home and we’re still here for precautionary reasons. We’ve been taking turns checking on you to make sure you were still breathing.” I scratched the back of my head still not fully understanding what happened. “Okay,” was all I could muster out as I turned my attention to the television to see they were watching some raunchy Lifetime Network movie. “Really?” I laughed as I pointed to the TV. “There’s nothing else on,” Sid complained turning the volume up.


Tillie said...

Omg. I think I'm having a heart attack right now after reading this post. My heart breaks a little everytime she uses and I love that I am that attached to your characters :P

I really, really hope he helps her get straightened out because it is the worst timing ever for all of the shit to go down when their parents are there.

Also, it's Max. The sex can be amazing WITHOUT the drugs too. Just sayin' :D

Jessie said...

Haha I agree with Tillie.. Max is definitely enough. Every time she uses, I keep telling myself that she will come to her senses and quit, but I know its not that easy with additions. She's had a lot of close calls now though, so I'm expecting the blow up to be soon. Hopefully Max can help her out.

And also, about the co-writing. I know! I haven't done anything like this at all, only a game called "4 words" during school where you'd pass a piece of paper to random people and everybody added their own 4 words. I found it fun though when I started it out and Becky finished it..like I had to sit around and wait to see what she did with it. So, I'm thinking with the right people, it would definitely get entertaining. lol

PeytonRose said...

oh Max, of course he doesnt notice anything's wrong, he's too into the sex!! =p

but i really do hope that she can deal with the addiction. && i have a feeling that Max is gonna find out pretty soon.

oh! && i love the end with Lifetime haha classic Sid!

Heather said...

Uh oh... Lil's in for it now... I just hope Max helps her and doesn't kick her out.

Jessie- Four words is awesome! I loved that game. We played it in drama :D

Great update my dear.

Val said...

That was an awesome chapter, and I am with Tillie about the heart breaking a little every time she uses...maybe the whole eye thing will get her attention...

Love this story, and glad you are updating it...and remember, you will always deserve better :)

Jay said...

Ok, I loved how it started, the whole a-little-Canadian-in-me, FRENCH Canadian! I about died with laughter. And then I felt a little bit of me die when she started using, and OMG Max! Shit's gonna go down! He's going to be so heartbroken, because he thinks things are so great right now.... I just wanna put it out there, if he needs any comfort, I am SO there for him :P This was just so wonderful, Kristina, I'm on the edge of my seat!

Cathy said...

Poor Max having such a reaction!! I was so afraid the trainers would think he did the drugs and he would be in alot of trouble with the team! Great update!!

Meli said...

You are VERY welcome!! I'm sending you another email...this may top the last one!!!

EHisCDN said...

omgosh, I don't know what Lil is thinking. You can't just have one hit here and there to "help" pack or whatever else she makes up excuses to do.

I hope Max stops being a sex crazed lunatic soon and connects the baby powder incident to what it really is.

Great story, I actually laugh and cry in the same chapter! You really make the characters come to life.

Zigh said...

Ugh! I hope Max doesn't end up getting in trouble over this... it'd be horrible if the trainers thought he was using =(

I hope Lil can figure this out...