Sunday, July 26, 2009


Thank you guys so much for your kind words and advice. It's been a pretty shitty weekend, and I think I've cried enough to fill a small pond. Even with the tequila and chick flick movies and cookie dough, I still have never felt so heart broken in my life. I cried with each comment you guys left, but they weren't sad tears, it was just validation that I deserve so much better than how he treated me and it's now finally time to move on. It still hurts, A LOT, but I'll be okay. This might just be the closure I was looking for with him. It was one big fucked up weekend, but tomorrow is a new day, and I'll keep my head high and close this chapter in my life. Thank you guys so much!!

This is a shorter chapter, and I didn't proofread it, so bare with me. HA! Thanks again guys! We really are one TWISTED family. =P

Max’s POV

“Why not?” She asked as she walked back up to me and stood between my legs. I let go of her hand and held her by her thighs. I grabbed on to the back of her thighs and pulled her down, forcing her on my lap. “You give me a hard on, then you want to go dance? We can dance, but at home.” A devilish smiled played out over her face as she stood up once again and when she went to go drag me away, I went this time. I tossed my car keys to Will as we walked by my brothers and we headed downstairs, then through a back door. “I have to grab my things, so wait right here okay?” She asked and I gave her a quick kiss and nodded my head. I leaned up against the wall, moving my legs every which way to try and hide the bulge forming under my zipper. She appeared a few moments later with two bags slung over her shoulder. I quickly took them from her, placing them on my shoulder, and I grabbed her hand and dragged her out of club. The cold air outside calmed down the emotions stirring up in my pants, but as Lillianah nibbled on my ear as we walked down the street it was a battle. I stopped on the corner and took her mouth in mine, trying to let her know that she was driving me absolutely insane at the moment. Her hand rubbed over the thick denim resting over my crotch and I shivered as she bit down on my bottom lip. She was frisky, and I was ready to take her right there on the street corner. I finally found the will power to pull away from her and continued to walk down the street in a hurried pace. As we stepped in to the elevator I pushed her up against the back wall, sucking on her neck, more than likely leaving my mark. Hearing her moan my name, I almost didn’t hear the door open behind me, but she pushed against my chest and we walked down the hallway. As we walked in to the apartment we left a trail of clothing from the front door in to the bedroom. Once we were in bed, she took full control.

As I stretched my arms above my head the following morning I could only grin. That was the best sex of my life, hands down. An animal crawled out of Lillianah’s skin and just tore me to shreds. I heard my back crack a few times and then the familiar noise of puking in the bathroom. I looked at the bathroom door and saw her black hair with tints of red, swept up by her hand as she hurled in to the toilet. I knew she had been drinking, why did she deny it? It wasn’t like it was a big deal. I got up from bed, pulled on my boxers and headed for the bathroom. I took her hair from her hand and soaked a wash cloth with cold water with my free hand. “Hung over?” I asked as she sat back and leaned up against the back wall. “No, just a really, really bad migraine,” she mumbled with her eyes pinched shut. “Do you need anything? Your migraine meds?” She took a few deep breaths as I placed the wash cloth on the back of her neck, causing her chin to fall to her chest. “If you could, they are in the kitchen with the Motrin. And can you also call Alicia and tell her I have a migraine and I will call her later tonight for coffee?” “Sure thing,” I smiled as I saw a small smile appear on her lips. “Thank you baby.” When I walked out in to the living room I couldn’t help but laugh at the scene in front of me. Our cloths we tossed all over the place were neatly folded on the kitchen table, Will and Frank sitting on the couches smiling at me. “Fucking rabbits,” Will laughed and I shot them a proud smile. “Sorry, it will be better when we move in to the house. Thicker walls there.” I grabbed her meds and headed back in to the bathroom. She was slumped over on the edge of the tub, with a toothbrush sticking out of her mouth. I never experienced a migraine before but I heard they’re pretty painful and tend to knock you out. “Lil, here take this,” I handed her the pill and she swallowed it with the glass of water I also handed her. I picked her up, over my shoulder, and carried her back to the bed. She snuggled in and grabbed my pillow and pulled it in close to her. Her eyes were pinched shut tight, but within a minute or so, they relaxed and she was asleep.

“Want to help me pack?” I asked Will and Frank as we watched some action movie on the TV that was absolutely lame and fake as can be. “Pack?” Will asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah, get a head start on things, so that when I get the keys to the house, it will be an easy transition.” They both shrugged and stood up. I headed to the hall closet and pulled out the boxes I had brought home from the arena. By the time Lillianah walked out of the bedroom, we had most of the living room and dining room packed up. Well, that is if you considering throwing things in to boxes without much logic, packing. “What are you doing?” she asked noticing the boxes and the now empty shelves. “Packing,” I smiled at her before leaning in and giving her a kiss. “Oh yeah, we kind of need to pack my apartment too.” I gave her a strange look. “You still have the apartment?” “Yeah, a majority of my stuff is still there.” I quickly glanced at my brothers to see them eavesdropping as usual. “Are you still paying rent?” She slowly nodded her head. “Why didn’t you tell me? I could have gotten you out of your lease and you would be done with it?” “Not now Max, please. I’m going to meet Alicia for coffee, she had a date last night that’s she sounds pretty excited about. I’ll be back in a hour or two.” She leaned forward and kissed me, and as much as I wanted to press the subject of her apartment I dropped it for the evening. “Tell her I said hi,” I called back to her as I heard the front door open and then shut. “Want some advice baby brother?” Frank asked as he walked up next to me. I debated in my head for a moment to scowl or roll my eyes at him, but he began talking before I could decide. “You guys moved fast. She kept her apartment so she still had some of her own identity. Some of her own responsibility.” “And how do you know this?” I asked. “Natalia did the same thing when she first moved in with me. Kept her apartment and didn’t tell me. We got in to a huge fight over it, but hey we’re happily married now. Anyways, it’s best to be left untouched.” I nodded my head, Lillianah was a very independent woman, I could see her doing that for that reason.

Lillianah’s POV

I told myself I wouldn’t get addicted, that I would just take a hit and leave it at that. Now I find myself trekking back to my old apartment, pounding on Aaron’s door. He swung the door open shocked to see me standing there. “Did you and your boyfriend break up?” I shook my head no and walked in passed him. “I need some coke, you got any?” He cocked an eyebrow at me, not moving from the spot by the door. “Yeah I have some, but why do you want it?” “It’s for my boss.” He slowly nodded his head and disappeared in to his bedroom. When he came back out he handed me a little bag and I handed him a wad of cash, not wanting to wait to discuss a price, I gave him more than enough. I shoved the bag in my front pocket and left his apartment without another word.

When I arrived at Starbucks, Alicia was patiently waiting for me at our usual table outside. “Sorry I’m late,” I announced as I dropped my bag in the chair and grabbed some cash out of my wallet to head inside to get my drink. When I came back out, I sat down and saw the small smile slowly appear on her face. “So I take it, it was a good date?” I asked with a smile of my own. “It was amazing Lil, you have no idea how long I have waited for a guy like this. He’s just . . . I don’t want to say perfect because he’s not, but he’s perfect for me, you know?” I nodded my head and smiled at how her words described Max for me as well. “So what’s his name, what does he do?” “Well his name is Jonathan, and don’t laugh, but he’s a doctor.” I gave her a skeptical look, “why would I laugh at that?” “He’s specializes in removing tattoos.” I tried to hold back the laughter, but it was no good. “And he doesn’t mind that you’re covered in tattoos?” She shook her head no with a huge smile. “He actually loves tattoos, has a few himself, but the money is in removing them he says.” “So what did you guys do?” She went on to tell me how he took her to the Andy Warhol museum and then an exotic dinner downtown. “Oh and he’s such a good kisser!” “Kiss on the first date? Really Alicia?” She raised her eyebrow at me. “Looks who’s talking Miss ‘I trap my men with s’mores and suck the chocolate off their fingers’.” I rolled my eyes and took a long sip of my coffee. “Well I’m happy for you. When are you guys seeing each other again?” “Tomorrow night.” I smiled to my friend and felt genuinely happy for her. It had been a long time since Alicia met a guy she liked, she’s very picky when it comes to men.

“So Max found out I still have my apartment.” “What did he say?” I bit my bottom lip and tried to figure out if he was mad or not, maybe confused? “He said he would have gotten me out of my lease and just be done with it, but I just feel like that’s the last part of me I have to hold on to. I live in his place, he won’t let me pay for anything, not even groceries. I feel like I’m freeloading.” She nodded her head in understanding. “What happens when you guys move?” “Well there’s no rent, since he bought the house upright. He found this new service that delivers groceries to the house weekly for one monthly payment. I just, I feel like I’m contributing nothing.” “You’re giving him sex. Hot, dirty sex I’m sure that’s all he wants.” I couldn’t help but smile. “I don’t know, I attempt to cook, I clean, but I just feel like I need to contribute financially. And it’s so frustrating because I know he wants to get married, which don’t get me started on that, but I don’t know if he’s the one I should marry. He doesn’t want kids.” She shook her head as she turned around and tossed her cup in the trash can. “From what it sounds like he’s up in the air about it. You guys will get married, I can see it, your mother can see it. He has a ring, it’s just a matter of time.” I drew my lips in to a thin line, not wanting to talk about it anymore. “Well when do I get to meet Jonathan?” “After the fourth date, you know how I work,” she smiled at me and I laughed.

“Talby’s! I’m home!” I shouted as I walked through the front door to see Max, his brothers and it seemed like half the team inside the apartment packing things up. “Hey baby, got carried away and a little excited, we get the keys tomorrow,” Max smiled before placing a kiss on my lips. Tomorrow? Already? With wide eyes I looked around the apartment and in the corner Kris was staring at me. I nodded my head toward him and headed in to the bedroom. I changed in to some of Max’s work out clothes and headed back out to the living room to see where I could help. Just as I placed a few candles in a box a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. I felt lips land on my neck and I smiled when I looked down and saw the hairy hands and arms that belonged to Max. “We’re moving in to a house. Can you believe it?” I turned around in his arms and kissed him on the lips. “Is this a smart idea moving in to a house in the middle of your season?” He shrugged his shoulders. “I just want to start this next part of my life already, I’m anxious, I’m impatient. Let’s get a move on things you know. I want to be able to come home to my beautiful girlfriend and make as much noise as we want without having to worry about Miss Lawrence across the hall. I want to break in every single room with you, including the balcony.” I laughed and kissed his jaw, “this is all about sex then, no?” “It’s a big part of it. But this apartment is my apartment, and your apartment is yours. This house is going to be ours.” I nodded my head and kissed him again before the guys started yelling at us about labor laws.


Jay said...


The caps lock was not an accident. If you lived in Pittsburgh (which, despite your love for the Thunderbirds, you should be as a Pens fan), we would totally go out on the town and forget all about that loser.

Moving on.

Oh, Lil, what are you doing to yourself? I loved the part where Max stopped her in the middle of the street to kiss her before hurrying to their apartment. A guy did that once to me, and it was sooo hot. Excellent!

Val said...

Okay, just to make sure you understand that I am in agreement with Jay - YOU DO DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER!

I am not liking the direction that Lil is taking, but I am wondering if she actually snorted any coke before meeting her friend or will Max find it? Very interesting turn of events...

@Aeryn - right on girl with the family reference!

Tillie said...

First off, I'm glad that you are feeling a little bit better. But, my heart is breaking right now for Lil!!! She can't do this but part of me understands her addiction because I have known so many alcoholics and a few drug addicts. It's really scary stuff and so hard to truly get over because it never leaves you. Anyway, fabulous as usual and I hope you have time to update soon because I love this story :D

mrsmalkin71 said...

its good to hear that you are feeling a little better!
i loved this chapter!! :)
i cant wait for more!!

Heather said...

I'm with everyone else here. You're worth so much more than what the jerk was offering.

Oh Lil.... Silly silly Lil... I hope she stops sooner rather than later.

EHisCDN said...

I hope you keep feeling a little better every day until the pain is all gone!

Now on to Lil, what the heck is she doing? I thought Max knew what was going on in the last chapter and that's why he wouldn't dance, but typical guy - he just wanted sex. ARGH i hope he finds her little stash...and at least helps her and gives her an ultimatum or something about drug use.

Trish said...

I'm glad your feeling better!
This past year has been horrible with me and "guys" *eye roll*. We all find a way to get over it. I wish you all the best! : )

Great update!
I was really hoping Max would find out about the coke at the club!
I can't wait to see where this is heading though!

Jessie said...

I agree with Jay and Val. YOU DO DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER. I just got all caught up from a couple days away from blogger, and I read about your little situation, and I truly sympathize for you. I know that all the support in the world can only help so much, but I wish you the best nonetheless. Maybe in a few months or after you're completely over him, you can snag yourself a damn fine man, bcuz you deserve it.

Okay.. now about your story. I agree with a comment above, I so thought Max had it all figured out, but no.. he was just looking to get him some. I hate to say it.. but I think Lil needs a little bit of a reality check. I know addictions are hard to get through, but hopefully Max can help her.

Okay, now that I've totally went all Dr. Phil on you, I'll sum things up: Great update. :-)

kate+tavin said...

I don't even have to say it--you know you're worth more than that. But like you said, maybe it's the closure you needed that will prepare you for a better, stronger relationship in the future. You can't move on if there's still something holding you back, so it's good that you'll be able to wipe your slate clean. And it's pretty messed up that he had to screw with you and keep saying he still loves you; it just proves that much more what a lunatic he is.

PeytonRose said...

i believe i agree with everyone, you deserve better!!!!
but i'm glad you're doing okay (:

oh jeeze!! i can't wait to see what happens with Lil && the drugs. i really hope Max can help her with the addiction. great chapter!!