Thursday, February 26, 2009


Lillianah's POV

Liz came and picked me up from the hotel a few hours before the game so we could grab dinner and properly get ready before the game. I kissed Max goodbye, wishing him luck and climbed into my sisters car. "So mom and I were out shopping last week and I found some things you might like, they are back at the house, and please don't act like you like them if you don't." "That's really nice of you Liz, I'm sure I'll like whatever you found," a genuine smile crept on to my face as she pulled on to the highway. "So are you going to marry him?" I choked on the air and went to grab the 'oh shit' bar, but there wasn't one in her car. "I'm sorry, what did you just say?" "You heard me, are you going to marry him?" How badly would it hurt for me to jump out of the car right now? I mean I already have a broken ankle, can't get any worse than that right? "Liz, you saw what happened to me when I realized I had feelings for him, now you're asking if I'm going to marry him?!" "Well you are moving in with him." "That doesn't mean I'm marrying him." She quickly looked over at me and smirked before directing her attention back on the road. She clearly has lost her mind since I last saw her a month ago. 

We pulled into my parents driveway and I hobbled my way up to the front door. "Oh Lily darling, that boyfriend of yours, we approve very much. Your father is still a little irritated that Max picked up the tab last night, but he was just being a gentleman, I've been trying to tell him. Anyways, I'm so happy for you, we're all happy for you." I looked like a deer in the headlights as my mom twirled around the kitchen as if she was Judy Garland. Drinking already? "Mom, you never did ask why I'm on this trip with Max," I brought the conversation down to a more serious level. I watched as Liz walked into the kitchen, arms full of clothes. I knew I needed to tell them, I knew I need to bring them back into my life. "There's a reason other than the fact that you're in love with him?" "Mom, Liz, can we get serious here for a minute. I almost relapsed." That's all it took, three words to get the full attention of my mother and sister. Liz set the clothes down on the kitchen table and sat down next to me at the breakfast bar as my mom stood on the other side, both of them starring at me. "You almost relapsed? How?" "Well I'm working with this guy Kevin, or was working with anyways. Well anywho, he brought some friends up to the lounge where I work and they started doing lines of coke. I was just about to join in but Max called me. That's when I realized I need to stop fighting with myself and just admit to not only myself but to him that I love him, and that's what I did. He flew me out to Boston the next day, and now I'm here." "So he saved you?" I looked over at Liz who looked like she was on the verge of tears. "Pretty much." "Well there's something else I need to thank him for," my mom smiled before grabbing some mugs out for the coffee. "Is that why you were talking to him last night? You were thanking him? For what though?" The smile stayed on her face as she handed me a cup of coffee, as well as the creamer. "He brought you back to us. Last month you came out here because of him, and now you're here again because of him." "I'm still scared mom. Terrified."

"There's are beautiful," I smiled as I held the blouses up in my hands. "Where did you find these?" Liz pulled a few out and admired them herself. "There's a new vintage shop downtown, and well we could see you wearing all of these, so we just had to get them for you." My smile grew as I looked at each piece they picked up. "Thank you guys, this is really sweet of you," I smiled as I hugged my sister and than my mom. "Oh Liz, this would look amazing on you, go try it on," I smiled holding up a blue cotton dress with a very deep v-neck and a white swirly design on the bottom of the dress. "Lily, I can't pull that off, it would look so much better on  you." I tossed the dress at her. "Please, just try it on, prove me wrong," I smiled at her and watched as she got up from the chair she was in and headed toward the bathroom. I continued to look through the clothes when Liz walked out holding her hands over her chest. "Put your hands down," I laughed and she glared at me before moving her hands to her sides. My jaw dropped in surprise, she looked damn good for having two kids. "Wow Liz, that looks really good on you." "It does sweetie, Charlie would stumble over his own feet if he saw you in that." "You have to keep it Liz." My mom and I gushed over her as a smile slowly formed on her lips. "Really? I feel really exposed." "No, it's sexy, classic, flattering, a definite date night dress." She walked up to me and wrapped her arms around me. "Thanks Lily," she whispered in my ear before pulling away. "Now, I want you to try this on," she smile digging through the pile and pulling out a white dress. It looked very form fitting, with a high neck, black trim around the neck, and then black again around the waist, with a small bow in front. It looked like something straight out of Jackie O's closet. I undressed right there, not feeling like walking all the way into the bathroom and slipped on the dress. The minute Liz zipped it up for me I felt like Betty Paige. "Now if I could just get this cast off, this would be perfect," I laughed looking at myself in the mirror from across the room.

Once again back in my black tights, I pulled on a long red sweater, with a deep v neck and headed back out into the living room to head to dinner before the game. "I love how you match your clothes to your cast," my mom laughed as she handed me a mixed drink. "What's this?" "Oh just a margarita to start things off. We're just waiting on your father to get home, then we're on our way." I slowly sipped on the margarita and with every word my mother or sister said the quieter they got, but then I realized it was just me blocking them out. All I could think about at that moment was Max and what he was doing. He was probably having his nap, I could see him sprawled out on the bed, on his stomach in just his boxers and socks. His stripped socks. It's the perfect image really. "LILY!" I snapped up from my margarita and looked over at my mom and sister who were now laughing at me. "We were just asking how old Max is," Liz laughed. "Oh, he's going to be 25 next Wednesday," I smiled finishing off my margarita. "Really? We were guessing closer to thirty." Then we heard the garage door open and my dad walk into the kitchen. "Let's go," he smiled with Charlie behind him. Still not understanding a single thing about hockey, I was excited for the game. I was excited I had my family with me too. Things seemed to be melting together, on how life was suppose to look like. Could it really be that easy? Could one single person really turn my life in to what it's suppose to be? 

Stairs. I hate stairs. Charlie helped me down the dozen or so stairs to our seats at the arena and I sat down just as the teams took to the ice for warmups. "He sure is taken by you Lily, he keeps looking at you," My mom leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Looks like he is too, who's that?" Liz who was on my other side asked pointing out on to the ice. I looked over to where Liz was pointing and saw Kris clearing pucks out of the net, and every time he would look up, he'd look around before his eyes met mine. "Kris Letang," I answered quietly before directing my attention back to Max. Max looked from me to Kris, then back to me before raising an eyebrow. I rolled my eyes before shaking my head as Charlie and my dad returned with the beer. 

Max's POV

"So how did meeting the parents go?" Flower asked as I joined up with the guys for lunch after Lillianah left for her parents. "Surprisingly well. We might have drank too much wine, but I'm not complaining. I think I'm in." A big smile was plastered on my face as I scanned over the menu. I order a club sandwich and zoned out at the table as the guys began making fun of each other. All I could think about was her. What she was doing with her family right now. Then I smiled, she was with her family. I chuckled to myself as I brought my attention back to the boys. "Max did you hear me?" I looked around the table to see everyone smiling, starring at me. I looked over at Flower, "sorry, what did you say?" "I bought a ring." It took me a minute to process what he said and then the smile on my face got bigger. "Flower baby!! You're growing up." I pulled him in to a hug and tried to make it look like a very manly hug, but it didn't work, I was very happy for my friend. "When do you plan on asking her?" "Valentine's day." "Oh crap, that's coming up, isn't it?" The guys all laughed at me, then I looked down at my phone as if it would give me the answer to every question I could ever ask. I don't know why I looked at it, that's just where my eyes ended up. I guess I was so wrapped up in Lillianah that I forgot all about the date. My birthday was coming up, Valentine's day, I don't even know when her birthday is for crying out loud! "Well Flower, all I have to say is 'it's about damn time'. How long have you two been together? Ten years?" "Yeah, about that. You of course will be my best man." "She has to say yes first Flower," I laughed just as our food arrived.

I looked down at my empty bed, trying to convince myself that my pre-game nap without her was going to be okay. I wasn't going to die if she wasn't in bed with me. I stripped down to my boxers, leaving my socks on and jumped on to the bed as if I was doing a belly flop. I grabbed on to the spare pillow and held it closely to my body, it didn't smell like strawberries, but it would do for the day. I tried my hardest to fall asleep, but I just couldn't do it. She was occupying my mind every minute I wasn't with her. I never thought it would be possible to calm me down, to stop my wandering eye, but she has. Could I see myself with her for the rest of my life? My head popped up off the pillow in surprise at how I don't even have to hesitate about that question. It's so easy to answer. Of course I do. I brought my head back down to my pillow and slowly fell asleep.

The ice felt good under my skates, and I was in my element. The place I was most comfortable. "Crutches and all man, she's looking hot tonight," Pas smiled as he skated around me. I looked up in to the stands and watched as her brother-in-law helped her down the stairs. With each step she went down, his grip on her arm would cause her sweater to rise. Sure she was wearing black tights, but knowing what was underneath was pure focus suicide. Not only that, but the sweater she wearing was extremely low cut, showing off her breasts, causing me to bite my lip. Luckily the cup I was wearing was restricting any excitement I was feeling at that moment, but it made me very uncomfortable. I squatted down on the ice next to Pas to stretch and try and pass the emotions in my pants but nothing was helping. Are you kidding me? This wasn't the time nor the place for this to be happening. I tried to peel my eyes away from her, knowing the longer I looked at her the worse off I would be. Then I saw Liz point to the goal, Lillianah's eyes followed, so did mine as my eyes laid on Tanger. I looked back and forth between the two before seeing Lillianah roll her eyes and shake her head. What the hell was that about? Well that cured my problem. 

Frustration built through my body, I couldn't handle the way Tanger kept looking up in to the stands at Lillianah, did he not think I would notice?  Late in the third period, losing four to two, I took my frustrations out on Lupul. He did nothing wrong, he was just the unfortunate one who was standing closest to me. The frustration only grew when he landed the only punch, straight to my jaw. The only thing that crossed my mind as I was escorted to the penalty box was if Tanger ever dared laid a finger on my girl, I'd kill him. What was this new found jealousy? I ran the cold water down my back in the shower and cleared my mind. Who was I kidding, when I got back to the hotel, she'd be in my bed, not his. She would never go for him, he wouldn't dare put up the fight I did to get her. 

I was met by Lillianah and her family outside of the locker room, and something came over me. I just had to be sure. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into me. She stumbled, as her crutches fell to the ground and I wrapped my arms around her waist, holding her steady. "I love you," I whispered just before kissing her passionately on the lips. She was hesitant at first, and then I felt her arms wrap around my neck and she began kissing back. That was all I needed, she wasn't going anywhere. I felt her laugh against my lips and we pulled apart and I saw her cheeks were bright red, she lowered her head to my shoulder before looking up and over at her family. I couldn't help but blush myself. "I love you too," she whispered before kissing my cheek then running a hand over my aching jaw. I bent over and picked up her crutches before heading over to her family. "So I was thinking, maybe in the beginning of March you guys should come over to Pittsburgh. I'll have my family come down and we could just have a nice weekend, get to meet everyone." A big smile came on to Molly's face, "we would love that. We will definitely be in touch to plan that. It was so nice meeting you Max. Take care of my daughter for me." I smiled and hugged her as Lillianah and I said our goodbyes. 

"How in the world do you get those tights on over your cast?" I asked laughing as she sat on the bed. "They're very stretchy, I just have to keep pulling on them. Taking them off sucks though, pulling them up is a lot easier than pulling them down." "Well, I can help you with that." A devilish smile played on her face, and I didn't mean it the way she thought, but I had no problem with that. She lifted up her leg and I knelt down in front of her, placing her leg on my knee. I ran my hands up her thighs, up her sweater and grabbed the top of her tights. I slowly pulled them down, till they were at her knees. I grabbed the fabric at the top of her cast and stretched it all the way out, pulling it over her cast. Once I got it off, I pulled the rest off of her other leg and felt her hands in my hair. I looked up to see she was thoroughly enjoying this. I felt the emotions once again in my pants, and this time there was no cup to hold them back. Her hands went from my hair to the sides of my face and she pulled me up to her, falling back on the bed. I rested on top of her, slowly kissing her neck as my hands ran up her sides, pulling her sweater off. My mouth was doing one thing while my hands were doing another, I looked down and realized I had taken her bra off as well. I dipped my head down and gently kissed her breasts before sucking on her nipples, giving each equal attention. She arched her back and I knew she was ready to move forward, but I wanted to take my time, I wanted to enjoy every inch of her body. She pulled at my clothes, quickly taking each article off with force. I ran my hands down the sides of her body before pulling down her underwear. I stood up at the foot of the bed and just looked down at her. I couldn't say it enough, she was perfect, broken ankle and all. She placed her foot on my chest, gripping on to my skin with her toes. I went to grab her foot, but she moved it down to my growing erection, squeezing the tip of my head with her toes. I finally got a hold of her foot and moved it aside to climb back on top of her. I felt my penis brush against her entrance and she looked me dead in the eye. "You're mean, you know that," she smiled. I reached down between us and prepared myself. "I'm not-" thrust "-mean." I couldn't tell if the sound out of her mouth was a loud gasp or a quiet scream, but it quickly followed with her moaning my name. I stayed still for a moment with my eyes close, and she didn't protest from my lack of movement. I felt her arms wrap around my shoulders and she pulled me all the way down on top of her. "Thank you," she whispered in to my ear. I pulled back and looked in to her eyes and could tell she was thanking me for everything, not just the sex. She just doesn't understand I didn't do anything, everything that has gone in her favor lately, was because of her. She then rolled us over so she was now on top of me. I loved it when she took charge. There was a fire in her eyes, this wasn't just sex to her anymore. This was the connection of two souls, two bodies, two lives becoming one. At this point in our relationship this was the only way I knew how to get this close to her. I couldn't wait to see what else we could come across to make us feel like one being again. 


Lauren said...

Wow, that was a really hot scene. I love that her family loves Max (who doesn't love Max?) and I am very curious to see where this thing with Tanger goes! More soon, please!

Val said...

Yep, that was one hot scene - I don't want Tanger doing anything more than yearning at this point, Max and Lil have been through a lot...oh, and more soon, please!

Katie said...

I agree for sure.
I really cant wait to see whats gonna happen between Tanger and Max!