Sunday, February 8, 2009

A hockey post - because I'm still celebrating!

So, this is a celebratory post, has nothing to do with the story, but has everything to do with hockey. I haven't cried tears of joy at a hockey game in I don't know how long. Tonight my friends, my team, the Seattle Thunderbirds, a team that a lot of people were giving up on due to a very, VERY slow start to the season, beat the best junior team I have EVER seen, the Vancouver Giants, in regulation, 4-3. Thomas Hickey, who was the captain of Team Canada, scored two goals for the TBirds, including the game winner. I went to the game expecting a blow out. On paper, the Giants win 10-2, just like they did back in October. Tonight though, I don't know, the fire was lit, and yes I cried, all while spilling beer all over myself from jumping so damn much. I can't even think about falling asleep due to the excitement that is still running through my body!! I still want to cry, this is such an exciting time for this Seattle team, with a new home and all. Even though the team moved some twenty miles south from their old home, I still go to every game, 120 miles round trip. And to think I almost didn't go tonight . . .

Okay, I will quit rambling.


(photo courtesy of Mick White down at Kent Valley Sports)

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mer said...

holy jesus mother of ... wow.
if the t-birds won, they deserved it. because the Giants haven't lost a game since they lost to the Hitmen in January!

and way to go Hickey!