Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Once upon a time a girl met a boy in a whimsical place called Canada. Said boy took up all of said girl's time. Girl had no time to do anything other than fall in love with boy. Three months later boy and girl break up. Girl says "I'm gonna live life now! Join cooking classes! Tour brewerys!" Now she's ready to dive head first back into what she loves the most. Writing.

So now that I'm getting gentle pushes about what's happened to my stories, I think it's about damn time I jump back on the horse and produce something! Haha. Not only write... but start reading again!!

Sorry I just fell off the face of the planet, but boys can do that to you sometimes, haha. So I'm determined more than ever right now to find the inspiration I need to wrap these stories up (minus Adams) because I have a Ben Eager story just sitting in my documents.

So if I don't have anything posted in the next month, please shoot me a "kick in the ass" email. It helps!


P.S. If you don't have my email and would like it... it is
I'm open to any talk at all!!


wispensfan said...

I'm so glad that you are back. I've really enjoyed this story and your other ones and I love stories that are about players that don't get written about alot so I am looking forward the Ben Eager story.

Aeryn said...

LOVED the beginning story and I'm glad you're writing again. Welcome back! ; )

Penslove25 said...

first off let me just say WELCOME BACK, i've been there girly and i know how it feels. Hold your head high and just enjoy your freedom. So happy to see you back

Val said...


EHisCDN said...

thank god you're back! I'm dying to hear what's going to happen not only in this story but also in your Brooks Laich one (Troubled Comfort)! I just didn't want to say anything earlier!

btw screw boys. Even Canadian ones.

Genosgirl71 said...

ahhh glad you are back. ive been waiting or an update on this story FOREVER! hahah but yeah welcome back:]

msd said...

I'm so happy you are back!!I have missed your stories. I hope the fallling for the boy was worth the losing the boy. The good and the bad are what makes life wonderful!

Kaity said...

i'm really excited your coming back (:
and hey we all get caught up in boys sometimes, it happens to the best of us.
thats what my grandma told me once.
but anyway welcome back (:

Susan said...

Yipee! So glad you are back, I've missed the story. WELCOME BACK!