Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So funny story...

For those of you that know me, know I'm accident prone.

Long story short, got home from work, walked into the garage, woke up in the back seat of my dad's truck heading to the hospital. Hit my head pretty hard, and this would be concussion number 4 if memory serves me right. So I hate, hate, hate, HATE to do this but everything for me is on hold. I'm absolutely delusional because as I was sitting in the waiting room, the ESPN magazine with the Hawks on it was starring me down, and I somehow, in the short time between the neuro tests and CT scan, fell in love with Tazer. This I blame on two people, Zigh and Jay. Zigh knows why... Jay because of well... A Sharp Contrast. HA!

Anyways, since I'm on hold because I'm a freakin idiot and hurt myself.... I'm sharing my addictions with you. I'm sure most of you already read these, but if you don't, seriously check them out...

A Sharp Contrast

Paper Perfect


A Case Of You

The Dumbing Down Of Love

Feels Like Home


On Thin Ice

And well you know... if you have any eye candy you want to send my way... feel free. My brain is already rattled, Sidney's thighs won't do much more harm... well maybe. I wish that's what I was munching on my Thanksgiving... oh dear.

Thanks my loves!


Jay said...

Oh dear. I'm sorry that you hurt yourself.

But, because I can't resist... that's what you get for laughing at Tazer. Karma's a bitch.

Anywho, my dear, thanks for the shout-outs, but most importantly, I'm wishing you a speedy recovery! And not just so we can have more of your wonderful stories. Take care of yourself, sweets!

Val said...

I hate that and am sorry that you hurt yourself, too, but I thank you for links to some stories I haven't seen, and to some that I am addicted too.

Feel better soon, sweetie, and know you are in our thoughts and prayers for speedy healing!

Kristina said...

@Jay Karma is a bitch, HAHAHA. I might have to write an update for Craig while slightly dysfunctional, I can only imagine it'll come out interesting. We'll see. HAHA.

@Val Thanks lady!! The only downside is the having to be woken up every 2.5 hours. I love my sleep, and this just isn't sitting well with me. =P

PensRock said...

Feel Better Soon!

Tillie said...

omigosh! I hope you're okay!!! Get some rest and feel better soon. Also, thanks for posting both of my stories up, that was really sweet of you :)

Take care of yourself!

EHisCDN said...

hey, sorry about the new concussion. Thanks for all the links though - more stuff to help me procrastinate...like I needed the help aha!

Cathy said...

Hoping you feel better soon!! I can completely understand being accident prone because I am also!!!

Susan said...

You have got to stop hurting yourself (yeah, like you do it on purpose)! Take care of yourself; we will wait for the next update whenever you are ready to update, don't worry! Plus, your timing was good, with Max and Lilly meeting at the airport. Better after this latest chapter than the previous one!
Take care, sweetie!

Anna said...

Hello Dear,
I hope your feeling better! I've had a few concussions and it's the weirdest feeling... anyways I hope your doing better!