Monday, September 28, 2009

On Vacation

So I thought "hey, while I'm on a 5 hour flight, I'm gonna write, because I know what I want to write, it's just the writing it part." Well I was wrong. I was too freakin' excited to be going on my first vacation for more than two days minus the parents. A huge step into adulthood I like to think, I know... I'm lagging. haha. So today I went here...

and you have no idea the emotions I went through walking around this place. Growing up watching Mario Lemieux face off against Gretzky. I had to sit down on a bench outside and compose myself. It was overwhelming, in such a good way.

So walking around downtown today gave me new eyes into what I write. Now I can picture and understand most things about Pittsburgh. So tomorrow, when I hit up the South Side, hopefully inspiration will smack me across the forehead and I'll get an update for this bad boy. It's on the tip of my tongue, it is, but I'm thinking I should wait, spend a few more days here, and then write it.

Cheers from Pittsburgh.


Jay said...

I hope you're enjoying yourself in my lovely city! Well, not my city, per se.

But I hope you're enjoying yourself nonetheless. Sounds like you deserve the well-needed vacation, so soak up every minute of it!

Lauren said...

Are you still gonna be in town on Friday? They're bringing back the big screen and that's a must-see at Mellon Arena! :)

kate+tavin said...

Make sure you check out the Strip District. Tambellini's on 7th St. in the city is a cute little Italian restaurant with my favorite battered zucchini and chicken Parmesan. I highly recommend it. Have a great time touring the best city in this country. :)

Kristina said...

@Jay oh I am!!! Well I've been drinking... oh no. HAHAHA.

@Lauren I leave Friday morning =( sad face, extremely sad face.

@kate+tavin I most definitely will. I think I've fallen in love so far. =D

Val said...

So glad you are enjoying your time in Pittsburgh...can't wait to see what ideas it gives you for the story.

Bricktamblin said...

I've been reading your story up until this point and I got really excited to see you're in my hometown! You picked a good week to come, just missing the G20 craziness. If you're going to be out and about in the Southside tomorrow night you must check out Marios! I'm sure you've heard of it before, lol. Carson City saloon is always fun during a weekend at least. Check out the pretzel shop too on E. Carson, they have amazing sandwiches! Also, try and make your way to Pamela's for breakfast- theres a couple locations around the city. Hope you have an amazing stay and enjoy the best of what our city has to offer :)

Lauren said...

Oh that is so sad :(

Hopefully you will get to enjoy all that the Southside has to offer - sometimes it is pretty quiet on weeknights.

Are you going to practice at Southpointe? They have practice there today and tomorrow and I believe they are doing some sort of fan fest. -->click on calendar and then click on "Penguins Practice" on the day you want to go to see the times. As long as you have a car, it is very easy to get to and a great way to see the boys practicing up close and to get autographs afterward.

Also, Gullifty's in Squirrel Hill. You must go there. a)Squirrel Hill is adorable and b)Gullifty's has the best desserts in the world (food is pretty good too and not expensive).

Hope you enjoy your trip! :)